Effects of Gemstones: All type


Carnelian can be helpful for things related to personality physically and emotionally. Legend has it that the agate user will be protected from danger and bless the wearer with courage. Agate is believed to cure insomnia (difficulty sleeping severely), give beautiful dreams and contribute to body balance.
Types of carnelian with its abilities:

  • Moss Agate: Can improve relations with the natural surroundings. Green Moss helps eliminate toxins in the blood and balance emotional energy. Red Moss helps clean the blood and increase physical stamina.
  • Tree Agate: Helps in making self-introspection more clearly, seeing the world through a wider perspective and reducing fever and toxicity.
  • Line / Ribbon Carnelian: Helps to draw strength, overcome feelings of not having enough strength or courage.
  • Lace / Braided Agate: Overcoming despair and depression, giving rise to excitement and relaxation from muscle tension and spasms. Blue lace agate helps balance bodily fluids and gives emotional calm.
    Agate resembles a bird’s feather: Strengthens blood vessels and overcomes fear for no apparent reason. Useful for reducing fear in hunting or finding directions.
  • Agate spots: Extra protection against travelers / travelers, one of the adventurers’ stones.
  • Eye Agate: Protect from damage to the body and eliminate negative thoughts.
  • Dendrite Agate: Balancing blood sugar levels. Is a stone for adventurers to provide security and strength.
  • Indian Agate: Provides physical strength, overcomes insecurity and eliminates physical and emotional weaknesses.
  • Botswana Agate: Overcoming uncertainty of personal direction and goals.


Alexandrite stone

Alexandrite stone

Alexandrite can help people to focus on themselves, increase self-confidence and increase the ability to feel happiness. In Russia, Alexandrite is believed to be a good sign. Alexandrite can also stimulate sexual power and overcome the feeling that there is not enough love in one’s life.


Used to increase one’s inner strength / spiritual and intuitive alertness. Also used to relieve headaches. Legend has it, using Amethyst or drinking from a cup made of it, will prevent poisoning.


Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine is often used for a good hope in undergoing love and compassion. It is said to help relieve depression and sadness. It is also believed to be able to revive love for couples who have long been married and help get new friends. According to legend, using Aquamarine as an earring will bring good love and influence. Other uses are to help the eyes / vision, reduce retention of body fluids and provide security in travel through the ocean.


Its main uses are to stimulate the flow of energy for all healing, combat physical trauma, eliminate emotional restrictions and stimulate blood circulation. Bloodstone is believed to stop bleeding with mere mere touch. In addition to its function for traditional medicine, Bloodstone has also been used to broaden one’s perspective on the world. In the Middle Ages, Bloodstone was believed to have special powers because the red spots / spots on this stone were considered the blood of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ).


Carnelian stone

Carnelian stone

Carnelian is used to clear the mind (unable to see reality). Can balance the process of thinking and creativity and increase the level / level of energy. Around the 1700s, Carnelian was said to be able to provide strength and protection, bring good luck and comfort. In the 1800s, Carnelian was considered capable of helping people who needed courage to talk.


Chrysoprase is often used for spiritual protection and overcoming mental / emotional exhaustion. Often referred to as the Stone of Victory (“Victory Stone”). In the 1800s, Chrysoprase was said to help thieves to become invisible. Other benefits include strengthening the heart and eyes, helping to concentrate on work, preventing nightmares, casting out demons and eliminating intricate thoughts. This stone is best used by people who work a lot using the brain (author, songwriter).


Citrine is said to help people connect with spirits, help assimilation from food, help people who are incapable of communicating openly and develop mental calm.


Diamond stone

Diamond stone

Diamond can improve the quality of self and the ability to see things more clearly both positive and negative, direct and honest. It also helps overcome insecurity materially. The better the quality of Diamond, the better the power. Is a symbol of unbeatable courage. Hindus believe that Diamonds are of poor quality or contain spots, bringing bad luck so that he can even uproot / remove Batara Indra from its highest place in heaven. At present even the lowest quality diamonds (for example, the color is bad), is still used for industrial purposes.


Emerald is used for physical and emotional healing, namely overcoming illness in the nerves and the absence of perception and inner clarity. In Persia and its surroundings it is said that “Who has this charm will enjoy special protection from God”. According to legend, Emerald serves to strengthen the memory of the owner, accelerate the power of thought and creativity and helps to predict the future.


Balance the disorders in the Thyroid gland, overcome the lack of tolerance towards others, reduce the hardness of the heart and feelings of not having enough popularity.


Goldstone can provide extra protection for travelers / travelers. Is one of the adventurers stone.


jade stone

jade stone

Jade is said to help someone to relax and be wise. Called as a stone with a very good balance, helping someone to harmonize thoughts and actions and overcome the lack of practical ways of thinking. Jade is the essence of love, valued as a special stone. It is believed that some of the secrets of virtue will absorb into the body. Legend has it that Spanish explorers to Central America used amulets from Jadeit to prevent and cure hip and kidney pain. Another use for health is to increase healing in vital organs. Green Jade can relieve digestive disorders, help liver function and reduce damage to the eyes. Red Jade helps fight female diseases, especially in uterine organs


Jasper can ward off evil spirits and protect against snakes and spider bites. For health, Jasper helps the healing process of the stomach, balancing the work of the endocrine glands. In the 4th century, Jasper was known as a great rain bearer.
Types of Jasper and assistance that can be given:

  • Leopard skin Jasper is said to be able to give people what they need.
  • Poppy Jasper helps give happiness in life.
  • Opalite Jasper can help you sleep well.
  • Jasper Brown helps female hormonal function and overcome insecurity.
  • Jasper Green helps small bowel function, prevents constipation, reduces spasms in the intestines and combats wounds in the stomach, while also reducing stress / severe stress and increasing positive mental behavior.
  • Jasper Red balances the work of the stomach and pancreas, increasing energy and providing protection against external pressure.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis helps someone to better understand themselves and expand their perspective. Also helps one’s inability to accept the leadership of others. Good for making a choice between conscience and reason, giving wisdom and honesty. According to legend, Lapis protects the wearer from evil forces. It is a remedy for moodiness and certain fevers and strengthens the body while experiencing spiritual awareness.




Moonstone is said to balance the yin / yang, regulate the function of the Pituitary gland, clear up and enhance the five senses. Also helps people who are less sensitive / responsive to themselves and others (reduce selfishness). In India, moonstone is valued as a sacred / sacred stone. Believed to bring a good future. Legend has it that Moonstone is a very valuable gift for a lover because it will arouse passion and tenderness and is commonly referred to as a stone that creates love.


Onyx and Sardonyx can help coordinate the body, provide protection from the adverse effects of the surrounding environment and can control themselves. Black Onyx is used to change a bad habit. Onyx Mexico (white and brown chalcedony) helps to sleep well. Sard is a protector against spells or sorcery. Also can sharpen the sense of humor of the wearer.


Opal is used to see posibility, help someone have the capacity to share love and increase psychological stability. The Arabs believed that opal fell from heaven when there was a lot of lightning, from which Opal got its fiery color. In the past, Opal was considered a symbol of honesty and confidence. Opal is very powerful influence in magic rituals. Because quality Opal contains all the colors of other birthstones, can be used or filled with energy and strength from a combination of all birthstones, also used to replace other birthstones in mentioning spells, rituals or other purposes of magic power. Often associated with cyberspace and astral protrusions, it is also used to recall past lives (each color represents a life from the past). Opal has the ability to heal, especially to increase mental capacities such as creative imagination, the power of other minds that have not been used so far. In terms of health Opal is believed to help the process of protein assimilation. Fire Opal is often used in fundraising activities for those in need, usually worn as a pendant with a gold necklace surrounded by 10-12 diamonds, believed to have the power to collect great money. Black Opal is the tool of choice for magicians / magicians, used to increase their acceptance of magic / magic and also to show their strength. Black Opal worn near the heart as a necklace and made of gold is said to be able to ward off demons, protect people from the eyes of the devil, protect travelers on their way to distant places. Opal has also been used as a magic potion to heal the body, ward off nightmares and as a tool to increase energy. White Opal, when used in rituals on the night of the full moon, is said to bring the power of the Moon Goddess to the achievement of hope for those who carry it out. Opal was highly valued in the Middle Ages, referred to as “ophthalmios” or “Eye Stones,” because of the widespread belief that Opal is beneficial to the sense of sight and cure of eye diseases. Blond haired women wear Opal necklaces to protect from the loss of their hair color. Black Opal is valued as a stone that brings good luck.


Pearls help someone to get to know themselves better and increase respect for themselves. Pearls make the wearer feel the love of the person who gave the pearls and increase femininity. Other uses are to help the formation of antibodies and fight infection and to help someone’s inability to educate others.


Peridot is used to help make one’s dreams come true. Legend has it that pirates love Peridot for protecting it from the power of darkness / demons. If Peridot is bound with gold (it becomes gold jewelry), it will protect the wearer from terror at night. For health, Peridot helps the function of the adrenal glands, provides physical energy balance and helps people who experience emotional tension / stress too often.


quartz stone

quartz stone

Quartz is used for balance, increasing energy, fighting negative thoughts, eliminating bad habits and various cures. Quartz also cope with feelings of unwanted or rejection received by someone. Colorless clear quartz, formed as a crystal ball, has been used by fortune tellers since the Middle Ages to see and predict the future.
The types of Quartz and help you can receive are:

  • Druzy Quartz: Helps someone who does not have the ability to understand the problem (does not have a deep understanding).
  • Rutilated Quartz: Reducing only negative thinking.
  • Smokey Quartz / Chocolate Quartz: Provides emotional support.
  • White Quartz / White Quartz: Increase self-esteem.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is used for emotional balance for someone, for an open heart and for apologizing / forgiveness. Rose Quartz is also believed to maintain skin’s youthfulness and overcome severe inferiority complex


Ruby is said to open one’s heart to love, overcome fear of being ugly and unloved and to eliminate disadvantage. Ruby is also used to protect against sensitive behavior and avoid deviant behavior (preventing the occurrence of schizophrenia). According to ancient legend, Ruby was able to show / reconcile a pair of lovers.


Sapphire can clear the mind, increase peace, happiness and increase motivation and life purpose orientation. Kings wear Sapphire on their necks as a strong defense against danger (reject reinforcements). This stone will protect the wearer from envy and make them feel close to God. The stone is believed to help someone who feels they have no chance for a better goal / end. For health Sapphire can increase levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and release mental depression.


Topaz is used to increase strength, prevent kidney and bladder disease. In ancient times, carvings of eagles on Topaz stone were used to express the good intentions of a king, queen and reporter. The Greeks believed Topaz to give strength. Topaz also helps overcome anger (calm emotions) and protect against outside pressure.


Tourmaline stone

Tourmaline stone

Tourmaline is used to prevent lymphatic tissue disease and anemia. Also used to increase success and success. Tourmaline Pink for protection and improve balance in women, while Tourmaline Green improves balance in men. According to legend, the wearer will be warned of danger and lack of luck.


Turquoise helps people start new businesses. Can warn the wearer of danger / disease that will attack with changes in color. In the 13th century Turquoise was said to protect the wearer from falling, especially from horses. Also used for body relaxation, overcoming anxiety / confusion, mental confusion, soothing emotions. The Indians believed that if the turquoise was glued to the bow, the arrow shot would surely hit its target. Also believed to bring happiness and luck.


Like Crystal, Zircon is used for various cures. Zircon helps a person to make peace with himself and overcome negative feelings or frustrations and increase positive behavior. Also makes the wearer wiser, respectable and wealthier. The loss of light / sparkle from a Zircon is said to warn of danger to its owner.

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