Economic Activity Market

Economics Action Conducted by Human being

Human beings conduct economic action to fulfill their needs everyday, such as, shopping, selling something, gardening, catching fish in the sea, being bricklayer, and becoming entrepreneur. In conducting the economic action, they are making decision and using opportunity.
a. Making Decision
Someone has to make decision properly. For example, someone have to make decision when she goes shopping. She buys the most urgent things first, then the urgent things, less urgent needs and unnecessary needs. If her money is limited, she does not need to buy unnecessary needs or post pore it. Thus, who do economic action needs to decide priority of needs.
b. Using Opportunity
In conducting economic action, some one has to be able to use the opportunity as good as possible. There is not always opportunity in this life. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, the actors of economic action have to use it.
1) Clothing Trader use opportunity in the moment to prepare Idulfitri, Christmas, and New Year for increasing his merchant.
2) At the time of holiday, the rate of tourism activity is increasing. Souvenir traders use this opportunity by increasing the members of their merchandise.
3) Knowing that people like watching action movie, there are many film producers produce the film action.
There are many others example of using the opportunity. Observe the activity of people in using opportunity, such as sidewalk trader, traveling salesman, and meatball seller. How do they exploit opportunity?

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