Economic Activity

Economic Action Rationally

In doing shopping people needs to apply priority scale via
Human beings always do something rationally. Economic action is conducted rationally as well. Its means, the action they have done given him economic benefit. Rationally economic action has characteristic as follows.
a. To get the maximum satisfaction with the minimum scarification. In economics, it is called economic principle.
b. Economic action is motivated by an interest. It is referred to as economic motif.
Rationally, economic action contents efficiency, giving profit ir benefit, and punctual.
a. Rationally economic action carry out by a person or family, as follows
1) spending income guidance by priority scale of the needs;
2) buying something by bargaining although he an not afford with expensive price;
3) being thrifty with electricity consumption;
4) being thrifty with fuel consumption;
5) holding weeding party, birthday party or circumcision in simply, to finance condition;
6) conducting economics action for certain purpose, for example some one builds house for he does not a house;
7) using substitute goods in replace expensive goods, for example not buying the expensive clothes, but buying cheap clothes as long as it is matches and durable.
b. Rationally economic action carried out by company, as follows
1) using cheap raw material, but it has good quality;
2) being thrifty with machinery using.
c. Rationally economic action conducted by government, as follows
1) building really useful thing, such as a dam to solve water trouble in dry season;
2) welcoming functionary who comes in simply way;
3) being thrifty with government financial, for example restricting functionary in abroad;
4) building solar energy electricity project;
5) suggesting bio diesel as alternative fuel.

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