Earphone ‘Nest’ Bacteria, Here’s the Right Way to Clean It

Right Way Clean earphone
Image by stanford[dot]edu

Earphones are useful for providing entertainment or other benefits. But you know, a study from Senior Living found that bacteria in the earphones were 2,708 times more than those found on cutting boards for cooking!

If you are among those who often use earphones, then you must be more diligent to clean it to avoid the risk of ear infections. So what is the right way to make it avoid things that are not desirable?

Quoted from Cnet, actually taking care of it is not difficult. The thing that can be done is by wiping it using the ‘alcohol wipe’ which is sold freely on the market. Be sure not to miss small holes.

If you see any earwax clogged in the hole, use a toothpick that has been wrapped in an ‘alcohol wipe’ to clean the hole carefully.

Make sure the earbuds are completely dry before you store or wear them. Because alcohol dries quickly, you don’t have to wait too long.

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