Don’t Lazy Software Update, You Must Know Its Use

Don't Lazy Software Update, You Must Know Its Use

For some people, constantly getting notifications on cellphones and computers that remind them of software updates is indeed annoying. Therefore, it is very easy to press the ‘Remind Me Later’ button or even leave it alone.

Be careful, lazy to update software can have a bad impact on your device. Why? Because this habit can make your smartphone or laptop slow down.

You need to know, software updates or often called patch software are free software downloads for applications, operating systems or software suites that improve features to improve the functionality of the application or operating system.

Not only protects users from security risks, software updates are released with the aim of fixing bugs or gaps, introducing new features on your device, extending battery life, and increasing device speed performance.

Software updates also work to extend the life of your device. In addition, there is also a software upgrade, which is the latest version with improved performance from the software on your device, and if this is usually paid.

After knowing the importance of updating software, you must begin to get used to not ignorant about this. If you are confused about starting it, try following the instructions below.


For the iPhone, with iOS 12 updates, Apple makes the Automatic Updates option on the Software Update screen. If you choose it, the cellphone will wait until the device is idle, then automatically update the software throughout the night.

Keep in mind, the cellphone will not update unless it is in sufficient battery condition and is connected to a WiFi network. If you choose not to activate automatic updates, check for updates in Settings – General – Software Update.

If the latest version of iOS is available, you can tap download, then install. If you don’t find the latest iOS version, there will be a message telling you that your device’s software is updated.

For Android users, check through Settings – System – Advanced – System Update. If the update is not available, it means that your device system does not need a software update. To be more sure, try tap the ‘Check For Update’ section.

Laptop or computer

The owners of Apple computers, it is very important for you to know that MacOS Mojave applies a few changes. Now you will find the tool used to update Mac by looking at the menu bar at the top of the screen.

From there, try to click on Apple – About This Mac – Software Update. If you are comfortable enough to apply automatic updates, you can check the ‘Automatically Keep My Mac Up to Date’ option.

For Windows users, go to Settings – open the Start menu and click the gear icon – Update & Security – Windows Update. Then, you can choose a specific time when Windows installs updates automatically. Click ‘Change Active Hours’ and you will no longer be bothered when the device suddenly asks for software updates while in use.

For those of you who use Chromebook, your operating system will install automatic updates. To find out which Chrome OS updates are currently being used, open the browser tab, click the menu button (three dots) in the top right corner, then go to Help – About Chrome OS.

So, even though software update notifications interfere, it’s okay if your device can run fast, smooth, and durable. Please upgrade your device now!

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