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Discover the Best Potential in Yourself

Discover the Best Potential in Yourself

Discover the Best Potential in Yourself

Don’t worry if your grades at school are bad. Don’t be upset, don’t be nervous, don’t stress, let alone think about suicide. Importantly, you have at least one subject where your grades are very good. Because that means, there is one advantage in you. And excellence that you have to concentrate fully to make it skyrocketed. Don’t focus instead on the weakness that exists in you.

Focus on your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and involve strong people in the weak part of you.

When your parents ask you to be smart in school, where smart here is defined as no red subject values, even if you can, you have to rank one, because it is a ticket for your life to be successful later, actually it is all nonsense.

You know, those who average first and second in school, eighty percent of them ultimately work as office people with just such a salary.

The question is, why do they work for other people all their lives?

Could be, because they are mostly knowledge so confused to make decisions because they are too afraid of many things. Too afraid of risk. Too worried about failure. Too dependent with the text book. Too many considerations. Finally, yes, just work with other people. All his life.

Educating children in this way is very wrong. By educating children like that, we are asking children to have the same abilities as other children. Children must be educated so that they know what their talents and abilities are.

If you become an average person with an average quality of life too. That means also, parents who like this do not prepare their children to be very good in the field they like, but choose to make them master a lot of things and none of the capabilities that stand out.

Finally, how do you want to be successful later if you don’t have the ability to stand out that can make it different from other people in this world?

Life is too short to be average, be extraordinary

One of the stupidest ways done by parents in turning off their children’s potential is to provide additional tutoring in subjects whose grades are poor.

For example, your grades are really bad in math. Automatically your parents call tutors so that you become good in math.

In fact, if explored further, the main reason your math grades are not good is because you don’t like math. If you don’t like it, you will not be enthusiastic about the subject. Different if you like it, then you will be enthusiastic. After being enthusiastic, you will naturally learn on your own and even look for many things related to what you like without being told by your teacher.

So, it’s really useless if you take an additional math lesson. The thing is, it’s not that you become good at math, but it adds stress. You are getting less and more excited about school. You increasingly consider the hours of mathematics lessons are the most honored lessons in your life. In the end, of course you become stressed and lazy.

But Erik’s problem is a bit different. Not arrogant yaaa .. But at school, Erik got good grades in all subjects (okay, except sports). Erik scored 8, 9 and even 10 in his high school diploma. Now guess what, where’s the problem?

The problem is Erik never knows what activities he really likes. Erik can make anything with his hands, mathematics and physics are very easy for him. But because of that, Erik was confused about what he should choose when he entered the university. Not smart in some ways and being smart in others will help you find your way in finding a way of life.

Another story from Deddy is that he used to be very bad in mathematics. Not bad anymore, but very bad. His mother then called a mathematics tutor so that Deddy was good at math. However, what happened was Deddy was still not good at the lesson. Why? Because basically Deddy doesn’t like the lesson.

And that is really a very wrong example.

The task of parents should be to find out, research, and support what their children like. That way, the thing that is liked will be the main advantage that will make it a successful person later.

Deddy is a magician who repeatedly received awards as the best magician from abroad. However, that did not make Deddy force Azka to live his life according to what Deddy experienced.

Erik is very lucky because his children are very good at school. Erik chose not to force his will on his children, Erik only put full trust in his child. Erik also likes traveling to teach his children some things that are not taught at school, such as cooking and taking photographs. Erik also invited his children to do outdoor activities, such as hiking and blue sea diving. Erik also supports his son to study soccer, music and study religion. And Erik hopes these things can support children to find their best potential.


Because everyone has their own path of success. The task of parents is only to find out what the best potential of their children is, then to unite them together so that they become excellence that will help them pursue their own path of success going forward. So, your job now is to find out what your best passion is, convey it to your parents, discuss it, then plan what you need to do so that you can become the best in that field.

Going to school doesn’t have to be smart and great in all fields. Find out what really is your biggest favorite, then concentrate on that.

If Bruce Lee said, he was more afraid of opponents who train one moment as much as a thousand times than opponents who train a thousand moves once. Why? Because that one move will be more deadly because it is constantly practiced, so it is with you.

When you already know what your greatest potential is, your next task is to practice it continuously with full sincerity and concentration. Until the end, success will come naturally to you, because you are basically happy with what you do. When you are happy, the best energy in you will come out. And you will get very maximum results!

To get out of the crowd, you have to be different. To be seen, you have to be unlike most others. Seth Godin said, if you are a cow, what do you have to do to be different from the crowd of other cows whose color is striped between black and white? Be a cow that is purple. Will it make you different and easily recognizable?

If Pandji Pragiwaksono said, a stand up comedian, “A little more different is better than a little better.” So, what makes you different. Find out who you are by knowing what you like, because that is the right way to success

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