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Creative Ideas in Economic Action Part II

Aircraft flying is the result or creativity in transportation field. (

Creative and Innovative Idea

You have already known that the creative idea is the idea that can produce new better ways to do something. Thus, creative idea related to the invention of new ways or renewal. Renewal in culture, especially in technology and economic is called innovation. So, creative ideas related to innovation.
Innovation is also closely associated with the development or renewal of a company, both production and marketing and field. Creative Employers always make innovation for development of his company. Thus, the company always producers new products in accordance with the taste of consumers.
The purpose of innovation made by company is to obtain production that has standards as follows;
  1. design and model meet the taste or attract the consumers;
  2. reliable quality;
  3. more comfortable to be consumed, so it is satisfying the consumer
  4. superior product different from other company product;
  5. multifunction;
  6. competitive price.

Product of Creativity and Innovation

Product of creativity and innovation can make life easier.

1. Product of Creativity

Creativity ideas manifested in action will bring creativity. There are many product of creativity in production fields, both companies and individuals production. These are the example.
Several companies produce product of creativity in production field. In the past, such products were not familiar, but now people get the benefit of these products, for example: computer, internet, mobile phone, satellite, and the digital parabola.
There is creativity result, which is very important though human has not felt the benefit directly, for example spaceship.
Meanwhile, there are many popular products of creativity from Indonesia.
  • Technology: “Sistem Pondasi Cakar Ayam” (Chicken Claw Foundation System) created by Ir. Sedyatmo.
  • Works of literature: “Kabut Sutra Ungu” (Purple Silk Fog) and “Lukisan Mawar Jingga” (Orange Rose Painting) by Ike Supomo, and a poem, “Aku” (I) created by Chairil Anwar.
  • Art painting, “Kebakaran Hutan” (Forest Fire) and “Pertarungan Harimau dengan Banteng” (The battle of tiger VS Bull) created by Raden Saleh.
  • Art music (the songs): the national song such as “Indonesia Raya” (The great Indonesia) created by W.R. Supratman and “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” (persuasion of coconut island), “Halo-halo Bandung”, and “Gugur Bunga” created by multitalented composer musician Ismail Marzuki.
  • Art sculpture “Pohon Perkembanga” (Tree Development) created by G. Sidharta Soegjo).

There are many creative products of world prominent figure in the past that are useful for human beings.
  • Electricity by Thomas Alfa Edison (United States).
  • Telegraph by Guglielmo Marconi (Italy).
  • Penicillin by Sir Alexander Flemming (UK).

There are many other great figure both in national and in international level. They were managed to creat useful innovation for the welfare of society and humanity.

2. Innovation Product

At present, many companies make innovation to create forms, models, and designs to meet the tastes of consumers.
For examples of innovations, such as;
  • Car companies issued various type of car from the factory as a result of innovation.
  • Mobile phone companies from one factory produce various models and types.
It is true that nowadays, companies compete to make innovation to attract the consumers. Can you mention some examples of a motorcycle as a result an innovation company?

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