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Creative Ideas in Economic Action Part I

Creative action will always be introduced by creative idea. To understand what creative idea and how the process it, learn this material as follows.

Creative Idea

The children raise their hands to express creative ideas. (
How is your class situation? Are you creative enough to give response of every problems and challenges asked by your teacher? Do you often express creative idea in front of class? As a student, you should always have creative idea.
What is the meaning of creative idea? According to General Indonesian Dictionary (W.J.S. Poerwadarminta) print V, page 526, creative is having energy or ability to create something. Creative idea is idea to produce creativity. Generally, creative idea is connected with the invention of science field, technology, health (medicine), literature, and the others. However, creative, idea is not only limited in big invention. Creative idea is to produce better new way to do something.
a. A family with low income has a plan to enroll his child to university.
b. A family has a plan to renovate their graceless house becomes a beautiful house.
Creative idea is not monopoly of the genius; it does not belong only to the supper-intelligent people. Each person can have creative ideas. Creative idea is not talent or congenital. Creative idea can be trained and developed to everyone, it depends on his/her will. Creative idea has to be a realized in creative action to obtain the result. People who have creative idea and can realize it in action to produce something is called creative person. Do you want to be a creative person? Some of the following can help you to have a creative thinking (a creative idea).

1. Believe that Something can be Done

If you believe that, something you can be done by yourself, it certain that your mind look for the way to do so. In this case, the words such as ‘impossible’, ‘will not succeed’, ‘can not be done’, and ‘no use to try’, have to wipe out from your mind.

2. Leave a Habit of Crippling Mind

Do not let your mind becomes passive. Try to find new idea! Make a trial or experiment! Be active (energetic) and progressive in everything you can do!

3. Try to Work Better

Every day, ask yourself, “How can I work better?” thus, you will improve your way of work. There is no limit to improve our performance. Something good can be arranged in order to better and a better thing can be increased much more.

4. Try to Work More

Being accustomed to ask you, “How can I work more?” such question will encourage you to complete the work as much as possible. In other words, it will increase the quantity of work.

5. Ready to Ask and Listen

By asking and listening to positive suggestion from others, you will find object to think and make creative action.
Creative ideas often arise and vanish shortly before it becomes creative action. Therefore, the creative idea must always be kept on and developed by the following three ways.
  • Write your creative ideas in a book or an agenda.
  • Review your creative ideas. If one of them is not creative, remove it from your mind.
  • Improve your creative ideas with other ideas or information from some literature.
You want to plant some mini-jack fruit trees in yard. Find some books about how to plant mini jack-fruit trees. From the books you will know all information about the right time to plant, to water and to give proper fertilizer, for example NPK.

Creative Process

Creative thinking by strong will can encourage the creative action (
Creative process take place in these following situations.
Creative person is always active and progressive. If you want to be a creative teenager, you need to go through some of these following processes.

1. Creative Thinking

Creative action must be preceded by creative thinking. Without having creative mind, it is impossible for someone to do creative action, because creative action is manifestation of creative mind. If creative mind is considered as theory, creative action is the practice.

2. Strong Will Motivation

Strong will is the main power for creative mind, in order to be creative action. In other words, we can say that creative mind is impossible to be manifested as creative action without strong will. Besides, creative mind is useless if it is not realized in creative action. Creative mind without being realized in creative action is merely pseudo fantasy.

3. Visualization of Project Plan

Visualization is expression of an idea (mind) in handwritings, pictures, graphs, maps, and so forth. It can be said, that visualization is written plan.

4. Determining the Purpose of Creation

It is necessary to determine the clear purpose of the creation. It is about what you want to reach with that creation.

5. Preparation of Equipment

To produce a good creativity, it is necessary to prepare some equipment carefully.

6. Avoid Habit of Postponing Something

When you have creative idea and strong will, and you have determined the purpose of the idea, write the plan and prepare all equipment. Next, start working immediately to create something useful. Do not delay the work.

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