Considerations Before Buying a Used Smartphone

Used Smartphone

Due to the price of a new smartphone which is not necessarily in accordance with the bag, many people have long preferred to buy a used smartphone. Unfortunately, many cases are detrimental to buyers when choosing a used smartphone.

Losses in buying a used smartphone are usually caused by the lack of questions issued by the buyer to the seller. It seems to be a gap for unscrupulous sellers, to gain profits with detrimental effects for buyers.

Of course buying an used smartphone is not a scary thing for you when you realize it. Not all used smartphones on the market today will harm new users. There are still many sellers who are honest, and will not make you feel lost when you have spent a small amount of money.

So that you do not feel loss when buying a used smartphone, then there are 6 questions that you must issue. It is also in order to maintain long-term use of the smartphone that you have exchanged for the money in the hand. Here are the ten questions.

How long has it been used?

The most common and very mandatory question that you buy a used smartphone is the time spent by the seller and the related device. It is intended for you to know the approximate remaining age of the components in it, especially batteries that have the shortest life.

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For Anything Used?

Today every smartphone seems to have a different “life” goal when it is in the user’s hand. Well, the thing that should be noted when buying a used smartphone is the use made by the seller of the smartphone.

Throughout my experience of buying a used smartphone, a good used device is one that is rarely used for playing games. As we all know, many smartphone users are rude to the device while playing games.

Have You Been Rooted?

If you buy a used smartphone with the Android operating system, then there are questions that must be issued, namely whether or not the device has been rooted. The reason is, the condition of the smartphone rooted by the user will be slightly different from the device that has been running normally from the start.

Has it been jailbroken?

If Android is often rooted, then smartphones with iOS operating systems also have something similar, known as jailbreak. As with Android, the activity aims to do a lot of things about Apple’s smartphones.

Unfortunately, my experience of having jailbreaked an iOS-based smartphone, the impression of using it is a little different from the one that hasn’t been jailbroken. When the device is returned from the activity, its performance seems to decrease. So, the question must come out when you buy a used smartphone with the Apple logo.

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Ever fallen?

The next question that you have to spend when you want to buy a used smartphone is whether or not the device has fallen. Of course none of the smartphones seemed to have fallen from the user’s hand.

However, for smartphones that often fall, there are only negative consequences. Therefore, you must issue this question to used smartphone sellers.

What is the Condition of Default Accessories

The next question that you must issue is the condition of the default accessories, such as a USB cable, adapter, and maybe a headset. Of course each of these accessories is objects that are indeed present to accompany the device exclusively.

If there are accessories that are problematic, then you cannot replace them with products that are careless. The reason is, it will make the age of the smartphone getting shorter, or the worst is causing damage.

You are also very obliged to buy the original accessories to replace if the one inside is damaged.

Those are 6 questions that you must spend when buying a used smartphone. These questions are not to corner the seller, but avoid things that are not desirable when the transaction is finished and the item is in your hand.

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