Ciswak Antidotes of Astral Beings in Children

Ciswak Antidotes Astral Beings Children

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Small children are very prone to occult disorders, because it is in anticipation that occult disorders do not attack a child, some ciswak must be done. Ciswak is very easy to do, with ingredients that are also easily obtained. Among others:

1. Water & Prayer

Drink enough water that has been prayed for, as often as possible. The child must also be accustomed to memorizing prayers and praying on their own. With prayer a child will always be guarded by angels and good magical power.

2. Gayam Fruit

By eating the fruit whose tree is known as the haunted house, the gatekeeper’s power will be absorbed by the child. Therefore, even spirits will have a hard time bothering him.

3. Single Onion

Often eat male garlic or onions consisting of one clove, will be shunned by supernatural beings.

4. Grass Jelly

The cold air brought by these foods has properties against spirits. Frequent consumption can also melatif a child’s reflexes to reject the disorder by itself.

5. Meeting Ireng

One of the empon plants for herbal medicine that tastes bitter is, can make children immune from the spirits of spirits by frequently drinking it.

6. Jackfruit Seeds or Durian Seeds

By eating jackfruit seeds or durian, the child will have a repellent spirits air.

7. Young Coconut

Happy to eat a young coconut whose flesh is still very delicate, the child will get the repulsion of magical power disruption.

8. Mangosteen

By eating this fruit, the child not only has the power to resist, but also the power to drive out spirits.

9. Duwet or Jamblang

Fond of eating this fruit will make children have the power to resist interference from evil spirits.

10. Walnuts and Keres

Both of these fruits have supernatural powers rejecting spirits. So if the child likes to eat both of these fruits will make him immune to magical disorders.

11. Banana Leaves

Eating shoots of banana leaves of any type will grow in strength to resist spirits.

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