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These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have!

By capturing a moment using a camera makes your photos with family or loved ones more memorable.

Besides being able to produce clearer picture or photo quality using a camera will also be more efficient, you know. Especially for those of you who want to start making vlogs, of course a camera will be needed.

For you, a beginner vlogger, you must be confused about what camera brands are good for vloggers? Want to buy at a low price but you must be worried about the quality.

Well, instead of getting confused, let’s look at 5 brands of vlog cameras with good quality for the following beginners.

5 Best Cheap Vlog Cameras

1. Canon EOS M10

These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have! Canon-EOS-M10

Photo: Daily Oktagon

Price: Rp. 4.9 Million (IDR)
The Canon EOS M10 camera is equipped with CMPS-AF II technology with accurate autofocus and is able to take photos at higher speeds.

The Canon EOS is reinforced with an 18MP resolution camera lens plus a CMOS sensor. And also equipped with ISO 100-25600 facilities. This camera is equipped with a touch LCD screen and can be rotated up to 180 degrees facing the user.

With these features will make it easier for you to take videos. Moreover, coupled with a small design so comfortable to carry anywhere. So the Canon camera brand for vlogs is perfect for you who are a beginner vlogger.

2. Fujifilm X-A3

These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have! Fujifilm-XA3

Photo: Daily Oktagon

Price: Rp. 5 million (IDR)
This camera is the latest mirrorless camera from Fujifilm. Fujifilm X A3 has a simple design and fits right when you take a selfie photo or video. This camera already uses a 3 inch touchscreen display.

The screen can be folded making it easier for you to take photos or videos in a selfie position. The lens also uses FUJINON XC 16-50 – 5.6 and has the best macro shooting ability. Cool again, this camera has been reinforced with 24.4MP APS C sensor.

3. Samsung NX3000

These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have! Samsung-NX3000

Photo: Daily Oktagon

Price: IDR 6 million (IDR)

Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind to present mirrorless camera products for selfies as well as blogging. Samsung NX3000 is equipped with a touch screen resolution of 320 x 480 m pixels.

What’s cool again, when the camera is off the screen can be folded or rotated up so that the camera will turn on automatically. This camera made by Samsung already has a lens capable of 16 to 50mm OIS power zoom.

The Samsung NX3000 can also support light sensitivity between ISO 100 and 25,600. In addition, this camera also has the ability to shutter speeds up to ΒΌ, 00 seconds and shooting up to 5 frames per second. Samsung NX3000 camera is equipped with WiFi and NFC so that you can transfer photos or videos to the device will be easier.

4. Sony A5100

These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have! Sony-A5100

Photo: Daily Oktagon

Price: Rp. 5.5 Million (IDR)

Sony also will not want to lose to produce mirrorless cameras that are suitable for blogging and selfies. This camera is equipped with a kit lens up to 50mm.

Not only that, the Sony A5100 already has a high-quality CMOS EXMOR CMOS APS sensor with 24MP resolution. The sensor also uses a BIONZ X processor that can take pictures or videos quickly.

This 3-inch camera LCD can be folded 180 degrees while taking videos or selfies. Cool again already equipped with HD resolution will be more comfortable when taking photos. And don’t forget this camera is equipped with Wifi, USB port and NFC.

5. Nikon 1 J5

These are the 5 Cheap Vlog Cameras You Must Have! Nikon-1-J5

Photo: Nikon

Price: Rp 4.3 million (IDR)

This Nikon mirrorles camera is indeed produced specifically for the needs of selfies and blogging. by having a screen that can be folded will make it easier for users when taking videos or selfies. The screen can also be folded up to 180 degrees.

Nikon 1 J5 is equipped with a 20 Mpix sensor and can record video up to 4K even though the speed is 15 FPS. The design is also very small and easy to carry everywhere.


Those are some camera recommendations that are suitable for a beginner vlogger. Hopefully what we have covered in this article is useful for you!

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