Buffon: Conte is not a traitor

Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte appointment as Inter Milan coach has received a negative response from Juventus supporters

Gianluigi Buffon was disappointed by the attitude of Juventus supporters who criticized Antonio Conte. According to Buffon, Conte did not betray Juventus by joining Inter Milan.

Late last May, Conte was officially announced as Inter’s new coach starting the 2019/2020 season. He was appointed to replace Luciano Spalletti.

Conte’s decision to accept Inter’s proposal did not get a good response from Juventus supoter. Bianconeri fans even had the chance to make a petition so that the Conte star on the Allianz Stadium’s walk of fame was removed.

The reaction of the Juventus supporters made Buffon disappointed. The former Old Lady goalkeeper said Conte had given everything to Juventus and was not a traitor.

“What disappointed me and hurt me was seeing some Juve fans asking that the Conte star on the hall of fame be eliminated after he joined Inter,” Buffon told the Corriere dello Sport.

“I feel that if I am in the world of Juve, I know both the director, the players, and the fans, so I know what Antonio is giving to the club and what he represents.”

“He squeezed his sweat for Juve, gave everything he had. As a player, he never grounded himself for the good of the team. As a coach, he carried his squad and brought them to success with clarity and never resting. never once did he let the focus disappear. “

“Professional choice, though surprising, cannot erase his past. He never betrayed Juventus, he was not the type to kiss the logo on the uniform, openly supported the project, but then triggered conflict behind the scenes.”

“I consider his return to Serie A important for Italian football, just like the return of Paolo Maldini, Zvonimir Boban, and Maurizio Sarri,” he said.

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