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Appliance of Requirement Accomplishment

Human being has many kinds of requirement. Each of requirements needs accomplishment. Someone is considered to reach the prosperity if most of his requirements are fulfilled. Actually, the fact points out that everyone has problem to obtain rarity of goods and services as means of requirement accomplishment. Therefore, everyone attempts and strives to reach most of the requirement.

Goods and Service as a means of Requirement Accomplishment
The various and many kinds of human being’s requirements can be obtained with some goods. Thus, goods constitute the appliance of requirement accomplishment. These are some example of goods to fulfill basic requirements.
1) Requirement of food and drink were fulfilled in form of rice, bread, and drinking water.
2) Shirt, skirt, clothes, frock, cloth , kebaya (traditional Javanese clothe), pants, shoe, and sandals are example of goods to fulfill requirements of clothes.
3) Residence requirement is house.
Shirt, skirt, clothes, frock, cloth , kebaya, pants, shoe, slipper, and house are the example of goods.
Requirement can be fulfilled not only with goods, but also with service. Service can fulfill primary requirement such as.
1)  Education requirement, it is fulfilled by formal education at school (teacher service).
2) Health requirement. Human being gets this requirement from doctor service by medical check up or treatment.
Requirements appliance is health service
Requirements appliance is health service via
Education from school are service from teacher, health check up or medical treatment are from doctor are requirement accomplishment, but it is not real noun/abstract noun. They are not goods they are called service.
Find five example of other accomplishment appliance of requirement both goods and service!

Differentiation of Goods
There are many kinds of goods at home or at school. Mention it! What are the goods for?
The goods you have mentioned are apart of requirement appliance. The goods are accomplishment of requirement. There are defined into four kinds, namely according to the infrequency, the relation with other, objective using, and process production.
1) The Type of Goods according to the infrequency
According to the infrequency, we divide the goods into three kinds, namely economic goods, free goods, and ilith goods.
a) Economic Goods
Economic goods are goods, which have limited amount, so that it cannot be adequate for all human beings. They can be goods such as food, clothes, house, car, radio, television, and book. The economic goods of service are service of lawyer, midwife, doctor’s, bank, insurance, and hotel.
They are limited edition so it is hard to obtain the economic good. Human beings have to make scarification or reward to get the goods. The forms of the scarification or reward to get the goods. The forms of the scarification or reward are goods, service, or money.
1) Exchange something to other goods (barter). A farmer exchange his harvest with the fish [of] a fisherman.
2) Some work for other people the reward of the service, is rice.
3) The reward is money, for example some one has to give money to buy rice, or to rent the house, or to pay service of his car.
b) Free goods
Unlimited amount of good is called free goods. Compared by human being’s requirement, free goods are much more. Therefore, it is easy to get them. We don’t need to pay some money to get them.
The free goods, are available in nature, such as air and sunshine. Human needs air to breath as well as sunshine.
c) Illith Goods
Illith goods, will endanger human’s life if Its amount is to much such water is dangerous when there is a big flood. Fire is dangerous when a house is on fire. In spite of this, human can’t live without water and fire.
The classification of goods on the infrequency is not absolute into three kinds. Goods can be classified as economic goods, free goods, and illith goods. It is depend on the situation. For example, when there is abundant of water, people can get it easily without paying. In this situation water include in the free goods. However, in dry season it is using hands to get water. In a big city, people must pay water. In this situation, water is classified into economic goods. In different condition when it rainy continually water is evenly abundant and cause of flood. In this condition, water is illith goods.
2) The Type of Goods according to the Relation with the other
According to the relation with the other, a goods is classified into two types, substitution and complement goods.
a) Substitution Goods
Substitution goods are parts of two goods or more which can replace each other.
Rice with corn, firewood or charcoal with the kerosene, and bus with train.
Pair if those goods or things can replace each other. If rice too expensive to buy, people can substitute it with corn.
There are many people use the liquid gas (LPAGE) to replace the kerosene or charcoal.
Someone will go to Jakarta, but he run out of night ticket bus. However, he can keep going to Jakarta by train in the evening.
b) Complement Goods (Complementary)
Complement goods are two goods or more which can be more useful if we are use them in the same time.
Coffee with the sugar, tobacco with the clove, motorcycle with the gasoline, and mobile phone with pulse or credit. Have you had  a cup of coffee without sugar? Is it nice? Coffee will be nice if we put some sugar in it. Motorcycle or car cannot move without gasoline. That’s why car without gasoline is useless. Cellular phone without pulse or credit is not useful.
3) The Types of Goods according to the Utility
According to the utility there are two kinds of goods, namely that is consumer goods and product goods.
Consumer goods are called final or finished products. We can direct use the product for our need, such as food, clothes, housing, car, television, and service guide and notary service.
Production goods are also capital it is used to produce other product, such as machine, raw material, and basic commodity. We use them indirectly. We use it to make other things,

Production goods is used to produce other product via

a) Machinery as equipment produce product of our necessity.
b) Raw material become final product goods and basic commodity.
c) The next step, we produce basic commodity become final product of our necessity.
4) Type of Goods according to the Production Process
Are there any factories around your neighborhood? It can be cigarette, textile factory, snack factory, or any others factories produce other product. Observe them! What are the raw materials of them? Do they process the raw material directly or do they process it once more?
According to the production process, there are three kinds of raw material, such as half-finished product and the finished product.
a) Raw materials
Raw materials are goods to be processed become the fabricating half-finished goods or finished goods.
1) Cotton (raw materials) will be processed to become textile (half-finished product).
2) Tobacco (raw materials) will be processed to become cigarette (finished goods).
The other raw materials are rubber, wood, cane, tobacco, peppercorn, and coffee.
b) Half Finished Product
Half-finished product is product that has been processed from raw material, but it is not already become finished product. It has to be processed again become finished product.
Flour half-finished product as process result of wheat will be taken into further processed become bread (finished product).
Other example of half-finished product are textile, chemical, spare part of vehicles, iron bar, and paper.
c) Finished Product
Finished product is result of processing raw materials or half-finished product and it has been ready to be use. Finished product is called final product.
1) Rattan chair (finished product) is the result of processing rattan (raw material).
2) Bread (finished product) is the result of processing flour (half-finished product).
3) Pizza (finished goods) is the result of processing flour (half-finished product).
The other example of half-finished product is house, rice, car, medicine, and clothes.

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