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8 Mistake of Writing Product Descriptions When Selling at Online Stores

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Images cannot provide complete information. For this reason, the seller needs to add additional information in the description column to clearly understand the product to be purchased.
A clear description helps buyers to know the benefits, composition, and how to use the product appropriately, and others. Determine keywords when writing product descriptions to make it easier for buyers to look for items to buy.
In order for buyers to be more interested in buying products, there are some things that sellers should avoid online stores when writing the following item descriptions, as quoted from

1. Not Determining the Target of Buyers Properly 

Determine to whom your product will be sold, whether to parents or adults, or young people. After that, arrange a complete description sentence to increase buyer interest when buying goods.
Try to make the description sentence able to build two-way communication, even though in reality you are not communicating directly with prospective buyers.

2. Using Sentences that Are Difficult to Understand 

Avoid using stray sentences from Enhanced Spelling (EYD) so that buyers are not confused when reading product descriptions. In addition, writing product descriptions based on EYD also shows you professionals and maintains credibility.
It’s fine if you replace one or two standard sentences into slang sentences. However, with conditions, the sentence is often used in everyday life so that it is easily understood by all people.

3. Uploading Editing Images, Not True Product Images 

Some sellers often edit product images before uploading images to a buying site or website. Indeed, you do not need to follow this habit to increase the number of buyers because the buyer knows which image is the real product and which one is edited.
You may edit the image, but only limited to cutting and rotating the image, not adding certain effects to enhance the product image.
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4. Forgot Inserting Videos on How to Use Products 

So that buyers can feel the benefits of a product, insert a video about the procedures for using the product on the slide image. Because seeing products visually is relatively quite effective in attracting prospective buyers.
Since videos on social media have licenses, you can include links that direct buyers to video playback. Thus, the buyer knows how to apply the product appropriately.

5. Too focused on benefits so that product features are neglected 

The buyer hopes that the products he buys provide maximum benefits. However, don’t just focus on delivering benefits. You need to include product features as a form of reference to buyers.
For example, the price of product A is difficult to reach by students, you can include product references B or C at an affordable price. Don’t forget to convey the workings of a feature so that buyers are more helpful when making decisions.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Fix Sentences Description 

If the product on display isn’t selling well, it doesn’t hurt if you fix the sentence used before. Correcting sentences does not mean the sentence is wrong, but so that the sentence is more readable.
Determine the part of the sentence you want to fix, then determine for whom the repairs are done, whether for prospective buyers or companies. Don’t force yourself to correct a sentence if you feel the sentence is interesting enough.

7. Not Include Additional Information 

Additional information in the form of shipping methods, delivery times, and Q & A needs to be included so that the buyer gets complete information. For example, by adding a choice of shipping services, the buyer can calculate the shipping costs that will be charged to the product you want to buy.
Embed additional information at the very bottom of the description column, but make sure that the information is easy to reach.

8. Product Descriptions Are Not Persuasive 

Most sellers only focus on the specifications and benefits of the product without noticing the use of persuasive sentences. It cannot be denied, some buyers must be seduced to want to buy an item.
Use persuasive sentences that are not long-winded, but have sentimental values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can increase buyer interest in a product.

Present Content that Makes Sense

Besides paying attention to writing product descriptions, you also need to pay attention to the content uploaded. Make sure the content makes sense so that it does not cause doubt to the buyer. If the sentence used is not right, don’t hesitate to edit the sentence so that the product description is more informative and can represent the product as a whole.

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