8 Fun Facts How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Last Film

8 Fun Facts How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Last Film
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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the third film from How to Train Your Dragon. This animated film can be watched by animated film lovers. The film aired since January 9, 2019 in Indonesian cinemas.

The film How to Train Your Dragon 3 continues the story from the previous film, the fantasy genre film and this action is a recommendation for family watching. In the third film from How To Train Your Dragon will be different from the previous film.

As the title suggests, the film recounts the adventures of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his cute dragon Night Furry in searching for a secret world that had been considered a myth. In addition, Night Furry will later meet and fall in love with a female dragon.

But a new problem arises in this film, which is a fleet led by Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham). They came to hunt all the dragons in Berk, including hunting Toothless. Feeling threatened, Hiccup decided to exile all dragons in Berk by hiding in The Hidden World.

In the trailer we can see that there are striking differences. If Toothless is usually synonymous with funny and adorable behavior, in the trailer Toothless is a little different. In one scene, Toothless shows his ability as an alpha (dragon ruler) after meeting a female dragon, Light Furry. Together with Hiccup, he will lead all dragons in Berk towards The Hidden World.

Well before you decide to watch the trilogy film How to Train Your Dragon, it’s good to see the facts of the movie.

1. Appointed from a novel.
The film How to Train Your Dragon is an adaptation of a novel written by Cressida Cowell. Before it was made in an animated film, a story from a novel had been made with the exact same plot as the novel. But unfortunately, not many films like it because it’s boring. When it was taken over by DreamWorks Animation, the story became interesting and attracted the audience.

2. The mistakes of the animators become interesting.
If you notice, there is one scene where Hiccup meets Toothless for the first time. The scene shows Hiccup trying to touch Toothless slowly and hesitantly. That part is a small part of the mistakes made by film animators.

3. Toothless becomes the rarest species.
In the film How to Train Your Dragon there is a scene Toothless turns into a dragon that is quite different from the previous character. Toothless is a type of dragon ‘The Garden Dragon’, but then he turned into the rarest species ‘Night Fury’. If in a black film, Toothles is actually depicted in red and green in his novel.

4. Toothless has similarities with Stitch.
If you pay attention, Toothless and Stitch have in common. No wonder, because Director Lilo and Stitch agreed to join in making the film How to Train Your Dragon. Therefore, between Toothless and Stitch have similarities such as having large eyes and ears. Both of these characters are also portrayed as being easily emotional.

5. There are more than 100 thousand digital files.
The film How to Train Your Dragon is very dependent on technology. Therefore, this DreamWorks Animation film production there are more than 100 thousand digital files for one single frame. This is of course since the processor at the DreamWorks campus location, Glendale, which holds 48,000 processing cores.

6. Collaborate with Oscar winners.
In this third film the film was collaborated with Oscar winners, including Roger Deakins, Walvoord, and VFX. The animation experts are asked to make detailed scenes and images as if real so the audience can enjoy the show. Interestingly, the cultivation of this film is decorated with a design of around 65 thousand dragons and 68 million mushrooms.

7. Presenting landscapes in extraordinary detail.
Even though it is an animated film, the viewer is like watching the real world. With adequate DeBlois technical capacity, the production team can work on the film in detail and look real. This you can see how the scenery is so amazing about The Hidden or hidden world in the film.

8. Become the last film of the film How to Train Your Dragon.
Reportedly the film How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the latest film by DeBlois. In this closing film Cressida Cowell as the author of the novel bid farewell to fans. He tells the beginning he made a story of a novel. He also told that the novel was a story of his childhood. For Cressida Cowell, the story she made had profound meaning and became a sweet memory of her childhood.

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