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7 Ways to Screenshot on a Computer / Laptop, Easy and Simple

Screenshot on a Computer / Laptop, Easy and Simple

Have you ever been confused about how to take screenshots on a Windows computer? Or you might have tried by pressing the Print Screen (PrtScr) button, but nothing happened?

For those who already know, you also probably don’t know that there are still many other combinations and methods for taking screenshots on a computer. Here are seven ways to screenshot on a laptop that is easy and simple using a keyboard that you can try.

1. Using the PrtScr Button

By using this method, all parts of the screen will be caught with one push. The trick is to press the PrtScr key, which is usually on the right side of the keyboard. Later the screenshot will be saved in the clipboard, and all you need to do is paste it.

To see the results, open the Paint application and copy the screenshot you just took with the Ctrl + V key. After the results appear on the screen, you have to save the image by clicking on the disk image in the upper left.

2. Using the Alt + PrtScr button

This method can be used by you to take screenshots only from the active window. The trick is to press Alt and PrtScr simultaneously.

After that, repeat how to copy the image from the clipboard in Microsoft Paint as above. Keep in mind that on some computers you might have to press Alt + Fn + PrtScr.

3. Using the Windows Key + PrtScr

This is the most efficient and fast way to take screenshots on a computer. Because you don’t need to bother copying images in Microsoft Paint, but, keep in mind that this method can only be used in Windows 10.

You do this by pressing the button with the Windows logo (which is between the Alt and Ctrl keys) and the PrtScr key simultaneously until your screen flashes. After that, to see the screenshot you can go to the C: Users [username] PicturesScreenshots directory.

4. Using Windows + Shift + S Keys

By pressing this key combination, your computer screen will look gray, and your cursor will change to a plus icon. You can choose a specific area on the screen that you want to take a screenshot of by clicking and dragging.

Screenshots from the selected area will be copied to the clipboard. To see the results, you can copy the image to the Microsoft Paint application like the first and second methods.

5. Using the Snipping Tool

Snipping tool has long been a part of Windows; this application was first introduced in Windows Vista. This application can take screenshots with a more flexible format such as free-shaped areas, rectangles, only active windows, or full screen.

How to use the Snipping Tool application. After the window appears to select the New option or if you want to choose a specific shape, click the arrow on the left side.

After that, select the screen area that you want to take a screenshot. After that, a screenshot preview will be displayed, and you can save the screenshot taken by clicking on the floppy icon on the top left side.

6. Using the Game Bar

Windows 10 has a Game Bar feature that allows users to record footage from games and take screenshots of Windows games. Before using the Game Bar, you must open the Xbox application, which is an innate feature of Windows 10.

Open the settings in the application, and look for the Game DVR option. After that click on the “Take screenshots using Game DVR” toggle. You can use the default combination of Windows + G keys, or you can enter your own selected vital combination to open the Game Bar.

When taking a screenshot, press the Windows key + G or your selection button, and click the “Yes, this is a game” box if it appears. After that, click on the existing camera icon or press Windows + Alt + PrtScr to take a screenshot. The screenshot can be seen in C: Users [username] VideosCaptures.

7. Using the Dropbox Application

Dropbox cloud service can use to take screenshots quickly and automatically. To activate this feature, make sure the Dropbox application is installed and open on your computer. After that, click on your profile photo in the upper right and select the Preferences menu.

After that, click the Import option, and check the box that says, “Save screenshots to your Dropbox.” To save this screenshot is quite easy. For Windows operating system users, all you have to do is press Print Screen, and Dropbox will immediately save it in your account.

Well, if you press Ctrl + Print Screen, then you can save the screenshot to your Dropbox account and copy the link, then paste the link to the body of the email, Facebook, or others. To see the screenshot, you can go to the Dropbox folder in Windows Explorer and enter the Screenshots folder.

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