7 Equipment You Must Carry While on Holiday in Bali

7 Equipment You Must Carry While on Holiday in Bali
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Spending the weekend with a vacation in Bali might be the most appropriate choice for you who are getting bored with routine. Besides being rich in cultural diversity, there are tons of cool tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods whose locations are close to each other so that travelers don’t have to pay a lot of money.

Well, for those of you who have already established plans to take a trip to Bali, here is a list of equipment that should not be absent when you leave later.

1. Sunblock / Sunscreen

Attractions in Bali are indeed dominated by beaches, which of course will feel quite hot during the daytime. For that you need to bring sunblock, sunscreen, or the like to protect the skin from direct sun exposure.

This sunscreen is very useful to prevent the appearance of black spots and signs of aging, and maintain healthy skin so as to avoid the risk of cancer due to the influence of UV rays. Make sure you contain SPF, yes.

2. Hats and Glasses

Hats and sunglasses are classified as accessories, but both are equally important to take while on vacation in Bali, you know. Bali’s weather is quite hot, especially in crowded centers like Kuta and Legian. Well, those of you who plan to explore Bali all day, don’t forget to always bring a hat and glasses wherever you go, yes.

3. Flip Flops

In Bali there are a lot of hidden tourist attractions which are quite steep terrain traversed, for example steep high cliffs. Therefore, do not forget to also prepare flip flops. Compared to shoes, this one footwear is certainly more flexible and can be used at any time. You also don’t need to worry when you get wet at the beach.

4. Swimsuit

When in Bali, believe the desire to play around with water will definitely be higher. Therefore, bring a swimsuit from home. At the location there are many sellers who peddle fashion items on this one. However, they generally set a fairly high price. Well, instead of spending more money, why not just prepare it from home?

5. Camera

Capture every moment of your vacation in Bali by using the camera. If you are not very satisfied with the results of cell phone camera shots, just bring a pro camera like a DSLR. However, still make sure the batteries are fully charged before you start the journey, yes. Don’t let the exciting moments at the tourist sites be missed just because your gadget is low-bat.

6. Tourist Map

On the internet there is indeed a lot of information about tourist attractions in Bali. Unfortunately most are still incomplete. As a travel reference later, bring a tourist map that can usually be obtained free of charge at the hotel where you stay.

In addition to attractions, the map usually contains other complete information such as good culinary spots, public transportation on site, to the culture and customs of the local community.

7. Cash

In order to make the trip more smooth, try to always carry cash in your wallet when traveling to Bali, because not all places accept payment by credit / debit cards. The amount of cash carried should also be sufficient to avoid pickpocketing.

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