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6 Best Types of Coffee from Indonesia

6 Best Types of Coffee from Indonesia
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The best types of coffee in Indonesia are so numerous and varied, Indonesia, which is very rich in nature, is one of the largest coffee producing countries whose coffee tastes are recognized worldwide, as one of the world’s best coffees.

Coffee from Indonesia is not only in terms of quantity, in terms of quality even Indonesian coffee has been recognized by the international world. Now in Indonesia alone there are some typical coffee that has long been famous for its distinctive taste.

Therefore, it is very easy for Indonesian coffee to penetrate foreign markets, while Indonesia is also listed as one of the largest coffee exporters in the world.

The best green beans / coffee beans in Indonesia include Gayo Coffee from Aceh, Bali Kintamani Coffee, Toraja Sapan Coffee, Mandailing Coffee from North Sumatra, Flores Coffee, Wamena Coffee etc.

From Sabang to Merauke, stretches of very fertile Indonesian soil with legendary coffee plants. For more details, here are the Best Types and Types of Indonesian Coffee.

Indonesia’s Best Coffee “Java Robusta”

Java or Java coffee has a unique taste that is different from other coffees. Java coffee has a natural aroma of spices that makes Java coffee so enjoyed because of its different flavor characteristics.

Java coffee’s taste and aroma is not as strong as Sulawesi and Sumatra’s coffee, but Javanese coffee still has its own fans because of the thin aroma of the spices produced. This makes the experience of drinking coffee feel different and unique.

Most of the Javanese coffee processes it with a wet milling, this also makes the taste of Javanese coffee not too strong.

Even so, Javanese coffee is still in high demand, because according to experts not all archipelago coffee can produce spicy aromatic coffee.

Taste of Toraja Coffee As Indonesia’s Best Coffee

Toraja coffee is coffee that thrives with quality coffee that is not inferior to other coffees. Toraja coffee has a strong taste and high acidity.

This makes Toraja coffee very popular with coffee fans with a high level of acidity. Although it is said to taste similar to Sumatra coffee, Toraja coffee has its own unique characteristics.

This Toraja coffee has a smaller and shinier shape than the seed coat. Despite having a sour taste, Toraja coffee has a unique and distinctive earthy aroma.

According to coffee experts, this aroma causes Toraja coffee to have unique characteristics.

Indonesia’s Best Coffee “Flores Coffee”

Flores Bajawa coffee comes from the Ngada Regency. This coffee grows in soils that have fertile andosols from volcanic ash. This condition is very good for growing coffee.

Flores Bajawa coffee generally uses a wet milling process. This coffee has the characteristic taste and aroma of a little fruity and a little tobacco smell after its taste.

Is a unique feature that is not found in other coffee.

Indonesia’s Best Coffee “Bali Kintamani Coffee”

Bali Kintamani Coffee has a sour and fresh fruit taste. This happens because Bali Kintamani coffee is planted together with vegetables and citrus fruits.

This coffee is grown using the intercropping system together with other plants. This is what causes the coffee seeds to soak fruit like oranges.

Besides having the aroma and taste of fruit, Bali Kintamani coffee also has a soft taste. This uniqueness is obtained because of its unique geographical location.

Indonesia’s Best Coffee “Mandailing Coffee”

Sumatra Coffee is one of the leading coffees in the world. The most famous is coffee originating from North Sumatra, namely Sidikalang, Mandailing and Lintong coffee.

This Sumatra coffee has a heavy aroma and taste. It could even be said to be the heaviest and most complex compared to other types of coffee in the world.

Coffee experts say that Sumatra coffee has a unique taste because of the characteristics and aroma of its spices and also earthy.

Sumatra coffee has a smooth texture and a sharp odor. This is what makes Sumatra coffee so in demand in the market. Kopi Suamtera is processed in two ways, namely a semi-washed & dry-processed process.

Indonesia’s Best Coffee “Gayo Aceh Coffee”

Coffee from the Land of Gayo, Central Aceh is the most common coffee and is widely consumed by the public and exported abroad.

Gayo Coffee has unique characteristics with a different aroma to other coffees in Indonesia. Gayo Coffee is coffee that produces most of the best Arabica coffee.

Gayo coffee has a bitter taste compared to others with low acidity. The aroma of Gayo coffee is very sharp. No wonder this coffee is the biggest coffee in Asia.

Those are some of the best types of Indonesian coffee that have been recognized by the international world.

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