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5 Ways to Screenshots on Samsung Phones of All Types

5 Ways to Screenshots on Samsung Phones of All Types
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How to screenshot on a Samsung cellphone is actually not much different from other Android phones.

It’s just that, each manufacturer certainly complements his cellphone with special screenshot features, including Samsung.

On Samsung phones, there are at least 5 ways you can take screenshots.

Starting from using the default features, to using third-party applications.

Intrigued and want to try it one on one?

1. How to screenshot Samsung by sweeping the screen

Samsung always brings new features in devices that are not made in other devices made by other manufacturers.

One of the exclusive features available only on Samsung phones is screenshots by sweeping the screen.

Seriously, this feature really exists in Samsung phones.

However, this feature is only embedded in some Samsung series, including Samsung Galaxy 4 and above and Galaxy Note 3.

Is your cell phone included in the series that supports this feature?

If so, to be able to use it needs to be activated first in the settings menu.

To activate the feature, the steps are like this:
  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select Motions and gestures
  • After that, check the Palm swipe to capture box option
Congratulations, now the screen sweep feature on your Samsung phone is active.

To take a screenshot by sweeping the screen is very easy.

You only need to position your hand horizontally next to the Samsung mobile screen.

Then slowly slide your hand towards the other side of the phone.

Then later Samsung phones will automatically take screenshots of the active screen.

Your Samsung phone will vibrate or give a notification that you just took a screenshot.

2. How to Screenshot Samsung Using the Home + Volume Button

The second way the screenshot on this Samsung mobile phone can actually be done on all Android-based phones, this is an Android default feature.

Using the home button and volume is preferred by some people because it’s easy and doesn’t need to activate any settings.

How to take screenshots with this method is very easy, you only need to press the Home and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Then the Samsung phone will vibrate and sound “crack” which means the screenshot was successfully taken.

You can immediately check and view screenshots via the notification bar or through the gallery application.

Almost all types of Samsung phones can take screenshots this way, except for a few series that don’t have a home button.

For example the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The disadvantage of this method is that if you don’t press both buttons simultaneously, usually Samsung phones will actually sleep or reduce the volume.

Depending on which button is pressed first.

3. How to screenshot Samsung with S Pen

As we all know, there are Samsung’s series that are equipped with S Pen, the Galaxy Note series.

Galaxy Note is equipped with Air Command feature, this feature will appear if you take the S Pen out of its place.

In total there are 3 screenshot options using this feature.

The first is scrapbooker.

With this feature, you can simply mark or make a circle on the object that you want to screenshot.

Then later screenshots will be saved in notes, can be tagged and categorized to make them easier to find.

The second feature is screen write.

With this option you can take screenshots, then write notes or additional markers above the screenshot image.

It is suitable for taking screenshots of an article page on the web, and marking the important parts.

The last way is to press the button on the S Pen for a few seconds.

After that touch the screen with the S Pen, the screenshot will immediately be taken and stored in the gallery.

4. How to screenshot Samsung with Rolling Screenshot

What’s more with this feature?

In essence this feature allows you to take screenshots thoroughly from a web page from top to bottom.

That way nothing is left of the web page you want to save.

Suitable for you who want to save articles or news from a website in the form of images.

This feature can be activated when you are done making screenshots the normal way on Samsung phones.

Then after the screenshot is finished, click the capture more button.

Next you just scroll down to the bottom of the web page.

5. How to Screenshot Samsung with Applications

The ways to screenshot above you can do on Samsung phones without additional applications.

But for those of you who want additional features, you can use a third-party screenshot application.

The following are some good screenshot applications that I have tried:
  • DU Recorder
  • Longshot
Please choose which one best suits your needs.

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