5 Tips to Speed Up Smartphone Charging

Smartphone Charging
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Although today many smartphone manufacturers offer large battery features and fast charging, but still will often experience low battery if used continuously. In fact, lowbat events like this can occur two to three times a day, according to usage. Of course it depends on the capacity of the battery.

The greater the capacity of the battery, the more durable its usage power. Conversely, the smaller the battery capacity, the more often the battery is low.

The cause of the battery is often low, not because of the age of the battery, but you use your smartphone too much to do daily activities. When you are very busy, of course you do not have much time to recharge the battery.

This is because the charging process usually takes a long time, even if your smartphone is supported by fast charging features. For that, you must pay attention to several things in recharging your Android smartphone battery.

Here are five tips that can speed up the process of charging your Android smartphone.

1. Don’t Charger Your Android Smartphone in 0% Condition
We recommend that you charge your smartphone in a 50% state. Thus the charging process becomes faster than recharging smartphone batteries in 0% conditions. Preferably, don’t charge your smartphone in 0%. Because recharging the battery in 0% conditions can slow down the charge process and even shorten the battery life of your smartphone.

2. Use the original charger
Every smartphone vendor, of course, has calculated how much current and current voltage is right for the device. Therefore, you should always use an original charger when recharging your smartphone battery. Besides being faster, using an original charger also makes the battery last longer.

3. Activate Airplane Mode
Preferably, activate airplane mode on your Android smartphone. Thus, all networks will be disconnected. This can speed up battery recharging because battery consumption is not so much used when all kinds of connections are inactive.

4. Use Supporting Applications
To speed up the charging process of your Android smartphone, also use supporting applications such as fast charging. This application can make charging faster up to 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the smartphone used.

5. Disable the Smartphone When the Charging Process
During the charging process, you should turn off your smartphone. This step can speed up the process and extend the battery life of your smartphone. This method is the same as activating an airplane mode but it is far more effective and is guaranteed to make recharging faster. This is because the battery does not emit power at all during the charge process.

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