5 Tips on Resigning Work to Keep Good Relationships with the Company Maintained

Tips on Resigning Work to Keep Good Relationships with the Company Maintained
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Many reasons behind an employee to resign work. Whatever the reason, leaving the company is an individual right.

Getting out, moving here and there is a natural thing in the world of work. Understandably, the name of work, everyone wants to find the best, in terms of income and in terms of career path.

Choosing resign does not mean you have to cut ties with the company. In terms of industrial relations, maybe you are done, but in a professional and friendship relationship, try not to break up.

Because in the future you won’t know, your old office might still want you to return with a lucrative salary and position offer. Or someday your new office can partner with your old office.

That is the importance of maintaining good relations with the offices left behind. In the following, we give tips on resigning to work well without having to cut ties with the old office quoted from workitdaily

1. Don’t leave traces of problems with friends or superiors when resigning to work

In the world of work you will not be free from problems, in fact many problems will come up. Whether it’s because of work or because of office politics that makes employees must be hostile to one another.

Towards resign work, try to establish a good relationship with all employees. Eliminate all politics or interests that you have defended so hard to sacrifice friendships in the world of work. After all, you will be out soon right, so there is no advantage to continuing to be enemies.

The important thing is to maintain good relations with your boss. Try to compromise in doing the tasks that he gives in the days before you leave, as long as it still makes sense and is professional. Give a positive image in his eyes.

2. Maintaining professionalism in the seconds leading up to resign

If you are a permanent employee, companies in Indonesia usually have a one month notice system. That is, you have to keep working for a full month after notification of the decision to resign to your boss and HRD.

In these times, most of them will be more indifferent, don’t care whether it’s a good job or not. Now if you are one of them, you should not act like that. For the rest of your time, stay professional, and work as usual. Because in industrial relations you are still serving as the employee of the company.

You also need a recommendation letter later. If it doesn’t work professionally, don’t expect to get the letter easily.

3. State the reasons for resigning that is reasonable and honest to the boss

When deciding to leave the company, ideally you should notify your immediate supervisor four to two weeks in advance. Don’t suddenly give a resign letter to work, just ask for a signature.

Speak privately, state the reasons that really make sense and of course be honest. Communicate very clearly so your boss doesn’t feel guilty about your decision. If necessary, give praise to him for his leadership while you work.

After that, maybe you will receive a lot of input from him. Accept the input as a provision later. Don’t forget to ask for his opinion about your performance so far, so you can introspect yourself in the new office.

4. Thank all colleagues and superiors

In accordance with our manners in Indonesia, giving thanks is one form of mutual respect and respect for others. When deciding to leave the company, don’t forget to thank your colleagues, and especially your boss.

Say with a sincere and sincere feeling if you need to give sentences of appreciation and praise to anyone who has helped you while working at the company. Remember their services that have given you the opportunity also for the knowledge they have provided.

5. Return all office facilities

When you are accepted to work, you have the right to get office facilities. Whether it’s a laptop, cellphone, vehicle, or anything that supports your work. Unfortunately, the facility is not entirely for you, but only lent while being an employee.

When resigning, return everything that has been lent by the office, whatever the situation. If you don’t return, worry that you will be labeled as an employee not doing well.

Those are five tips in order to maintain good relations with the former company despite resigning work. The important thing is, you don’t need to feel guilty about leaving the company. Because resign is the right of every person. Rest assured that your decision to resign it for the sake of reaching a better career in the future.

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