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5 Tips for Planning a Festive Wedding Party with Low Budget

Wedding Party
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When planning a wedding, it will certainly make the bride and groom have to think about the funds needed. Budget is one of the most important points in determining the aspects of a party, for example for consumption, decoration, entertainment and many others.

With the many needs of the wedding party, of course you can be sure when you will make a spectacular party and attended by many guests, the costs required are very large. This is where the wedding organizer or WO takes on the role of handling a large wedding. But unfortunately, the WO has now set a fairly high price, so this makes the bride think back to use her services.

For couples who don’t want to be bothered, of course they can submit all their wedding party preparations to WO, but what about couples who only have a limited budget but want to hold a festive wedding?

No need to worry, because the dream of a festive wedding can certainly be realized by following the following tips to minimize the wedding party budget.

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1. Create a Budget Plan

When going to make a wedding, the budget spent can become uncontrolled if you and your partner do not record the list of needs first. Making a party budget plan can certainly provide a limit on the scope of needs that must be met. If you don’t have a definite expenditure plan, you can just keep on opening your wallet whenever you feel you need something.

To get around this, having a party budget plan can help to be wiser in controlling expenses. When a list of party needs has been made, we can be sure the amount of expenditure can be controlled by removing aspects that are not really needed at the party later.

2. Asking for Nearest People’s Help

Planning and preparing all the needs of a party can certainly be a very tiring activity if done alone. However, when doing everything by working together, the burden can definitely be lighter.

In order to reduce the burden when preparing for a party, do not hesitate to ask for help from the closest people. When asked, family and close friends will definitely be willing to help to prepare the party.

You can also ask for help from friends who have experience managing and organizing weddings to give advice and help in preparing for the party.

3. Take advantage of the Music Player Application

The wedding party will certainly feel more festive with the music. However, don’t just fix it to hire DJ or band services. Use other alternatives such as a more practical and inexpensive music player application.

Besides presenting music from band friends, also take advantage of music player applications such as Spotify, Joox, or Deezer to provide endless music accompaniment. Besides saving costs, the choice of songs to entertain guests throughout the party can also be determined by yourself, for example pop, RnB, dangdut, Rock and so on.

4. Good decoration is not always expensive

Decoration is also one of the important aspects that makes the party more alive. With the right decoration, the concept of an event can look more attractive. For the party to still look festive even without the need for a lot of funds to decorate the venue, you can determine the concept or theme of the party with self-made decorations. If possible, make decoration designs by utilizing items owned.

For example, if you want to use the concept of the park, you only need to use plants at home to be placed in the party venue. Besides that, you can also borrow plants from friends or neighbors so you don’t need to disburse additional funds to buy new decorations.

The number of self-made video tutorials also gives you ideas for making party decorations. You only need to search with the word “DIY” followed by what object you want to make in the search field on the internet. Usually, in these videos, the tools and materials and how to make them are not difficult so that applying them is not too complicated. By using the power of creativity to the maximum, you can make amazing party decorations without the need to pour out a lot of money.

5. Select the Right Dish

Entertaining guests with delicious dishes is one way to appreciate their presence in the party held. By consulting with friends and conducting a survey of catering places carefully, you can choose dishes that are appetizing at lower prices.

You can also negotiate prices with the consumption provider in order to reduce the amount of expenditure. When choosing a menu, try also to provide each of the two menus of each type of food, such as main dishes and desserts.

Also make sure the food menu chosen is food that is generally preferred by wedding guests in general. This of course can avoid a lot of food left and the budget is wasted.

Memorable Party, Secure Finance

The tips above are certainly easy to apply, right? Being careful about arranging funds to prepare for a party is the key that can keep you from the risk of swelling expenses in preparation for a wedding. With good financial management and utilizing the things you have, you can hold a festive party and keep your finances under control.

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