5 Easy Ways to Make Friends on the First Day on The Job

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The first day of work did make most people uneasy overnight. That’s a common thing! You might feel that you don’t fit the atmosphere or even your new friends there.

But it’s good that you don’t need to worry too much about it. If you even think too much about it, it might be difficult to open yourself up to a new person. That certainly will give a bad impression on the first day of work, right?

Well, instead of bothering to think about it or even become anxious, it’s a few tips you can try. We refer to the following review.

1. Say Yes

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When you arrive at a new office and a friend invites you to speak, never refuse. Say Yes when at the beginning of work. Don’t forget to give a sincere smile that is sincere if on the first day there is already a job that you must complete.

But if it has been running for several days, don’t always say yes or be ready to accommodate the work of your friends. Remember, you work according to your abilities, don’t even use them for bad things.

2. Proactive

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During work show your best performance. Not only during the trial period, but even after becoming a permanent employee. Show your performance is reliable. Offer help if there are colleagues who find it difficult to solve problems in the office.

Never think or feel you are a new employee so that if there is an error in the work it will be understandable. Throw away thoughts like that! All employers really like employees who are proactive and involved with each other.

3. Active on every event

If the first day enters there is a party, there’s nothing wrong with joining (Photo by

Being a new child, you will certainly find it hard to refuse any offers that are available. Whether it’s just a meeting outside the office, welcoming a new team leader or whatever. Always be present and participate.

People will assume you are not only capable at work, but also in association. So that you become more known to many people even from outside your division. This is an effective way to expand the network and you will be better known in the company.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask.

chat with colleagues
Many ask about companies a good idea to open chat with colleagues

 If you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way. Such expressions do have a purpose. Don’t hesitate to always ask the ins and outs of where you work now. In addition to getting information that you don’t know, discussing companies can also be a topic of conversation.

At the same time you can learn to understand how culture in your new office is. You can start asking at lunch time, of course. So as not to interfere with your colleague’s work.

5. Getting around the office

Around the office (Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

On the first day of work, it is usually always filled with activities around the office. If you are confused, you can ask your boss who can accompany you around.

You don’t need to memorize all the staff staff who are there. Eventually you will understand and automatically memorize their names and divisions. Try to greet all staff when you walk around huh!

So how? it’s not difficult to adapt on the first day of work? Don’t make it a scary day. Instead, you have to express your confidence in the presence of many people. So that you seem to be reliable in the company. May be useful!

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