4 Ways to Combine PDF Files Quickly and Easily

Combine PDF Files Quickly and Easily
Image by Denys Vitali from Pixabay

Combining multiple PDF files into one may still sound strange. Usually requests to merge PDF files into this one are often asked when collecting files for job applications or registering in college.

For those who aren’t familiar, this process sounds complicated. Though actually the way to combine PDF files is quite easy. Here are four ways to quickly and easily combine PDF files on your computer and Android smartphone, which are summarized from various sources.

1. Combine PDF Files with Adobe Reader

As a PDF format developer, Adobe certainly has a service that allows us to process these files, namely Adobe Reader. How to open the Adobe Reader application and click the Tools tab located in the top left corner.

Then select the Combine Files option. To add files that you want to join, click Add Files. After selecting the desired files click Combine. When finished, you can save the file in the desired folder by clicking the File tab then Save As.

2. Combining PDF Files with Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is an application for reading and editing PDF files that are quite popular. To merge PDF files select the File menu then Create and select From Multiple Files.

After a new window appears, check Merge multiple files into a single PDF file. To add files, click Add Files and select the file you want to merge. After all files have been uploaded successfully, you can sort or delete files as desired. When done, click Convert and specify where you want to save the file.

3. Combine PDF Files with Xodo

You can use both methods if you want to combine PDF files using a computer or PC. Well, if you can use this method if you want to combine PDF files using an Android smartphone.

How to install the Xodo application first from the Google Play Store. Then click the + button on the lower right side and select the PDF from Documents option. Select the files you want to put together and then click Merge in the lower right corner.

Give the file name as desired and click Merge. When done, select the location to save the file.

4. Combining PDF Files Online

Well, if this method is suitable for those of you who want to combine PDF files using a smartphone without the need to download software or additional applications. Because you can do it only by accessing the site in the browser.

One of the sites that you can use is SmallPDF. After entering the front page, select the Merge PDF menu. Click Choose File to choose which files you want to join. After all files have been uploaded successfully, you can sort or delete files as desired.

When finished, click Merge PDF and you can save PDF files that have been combined in the desired folder.

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