4 Tips For Healthy Eyes Although A Day of Work at Home Screen

Healthy Eyes

In everyday life, we must be pretty much fixed in front of the screen. Either a mobile screen, a laptop or a computer screen on a work desk. Conscious or not, this can affect vision health.

Therefore, always keep eye health by practicing the following healthy habits as summarized from various sources.

1. Reduce the time ahead of the screen

If you really have to work all day in front of the screen, then reduce exposure to light from other objects. For example, by reducing the frequency of watching television at home, browsing the internet via cellphones, or minimizing e-mail checks when it’s already arrived at home, which is sure to take a lot of time. Besides reducing screen time, it can be more stress free too right?

2. Tosan test

To maintain eye health, sit with an arm from the computer screen. This distance is known as a ‘high-five test’: if you can’t make it to the screen, the distance is still too close. Also make sure the screen is in a position just below the level of view.

3. Flashing

One of the things that often causes dry eyes is the preoccupation with staring at the screen making the frequency of blinking go down. So there’s no harm in paying attention to this matter so that the eyes keep blinking routinely even though they stare at the screen. Use eye drops or artificial tears once in a while also doesn’t hurt.

4. Take a short break

This break is known as ’20 -20-20 break ‘. So, every 20 minutes, give yourself time to look at another object for 20 seconds, which is 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) from you.

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