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4 Best Tips to Save Xiaomi Batteries

Best Ways to Save Xiaomi Batteries

Xiaomi currently comes with various types of devices that it offers. However, the smartphone produced by the vendor is still the favorite in the midst of our society today. In order for the smartphone to remain active throughout the day, it is necessary to properly save Xiaomi batteries.

Xiaomi is one of the smartphone vendors in its own embedded UI product, MIUI. Based on personal experience, MIUI has indeed been equipped with the ability to regulate battery usage. With these capabilities, then there is actually a step to save Xiaomi battery, without the need for complicated users themselves.

however, as time goes by, every smartphone will certainly experience a decrease in performance, both from the components inside and the software that supports it. However, the decline does not necessarily make you immediately change your smartphone.

You can still outsmart it with a few right steps. One example is how to save Xiaomi battery, which will make your smartphone still active throughout the day. Following are the steps.

Remove Unused Applications

The first step in saving Xiaomi batteries is to remove applications that are not used. With the removal of the application, you also minimize the possibility of an application running without your knowledge.

When there are applications that run without being used, of course the application activities will also absorb the remaining power in your battery. So, when there are many applications in your smartphone, don’t be surprised if the battery feels very fast.

As someone who wants to save Xiaomi battery, you are very obliged to delete the row of applications that are no longer used. I guarantee, when the application has been removed, your smartphone battery will feel more economical.

Avoid Downloading the APK

As one of the choices of Android devices, Xiaomi users are certainly no stranger to the APK file type. Yes, usually the file type is an application that is not in the Google Play Store, but it is very interesting so it encourages users to download it through the browser.

Although the APK can offer everything that is fun, which might not be found on the official application on the Google Play Store, it seems that the file type is very dangerous. APK files will usually do a lot of things that are outside the user’s knowledge, one example is continuing to be active.

Well, when it continues to be active, the battery inside your smartphone will automatically be absorbed. So, removing the APK is one of the best ways to save Xiaomi batteries. If you don’t understand, then remember, something illegal will certainly cause harm.

Make sure the screen brightness is not too high

The next thing that must be considered as a step to save Xiaomi battery is the screen brightness level. As a user who wants his smartphone battery to remain durable, then you are very obliged to keep the screen brightness level on the smartphone not too high.

Indeed, when the screen gets brighter, the better the display quality you will enjoy. Unfortunately, the order of the smartphone’s screen light level will be directly proportional to the use of battery power from a smartphone.

Therefore, one of the right ways to save Xiaomi batteries is to ensure that the screen brightness is not more than 50 percent. Based on personal experience, brightness at level 50 is more than enough to provide a good quality of viewpoint.

Avoid Playing a Smartphone When in Charge

Well, there is a final step for you to save Xiaomi battery, which is by not playing the device while it’s being charged. This step will make the battery in your device more durable, and certainly have a longer age.

It has become common knowledge that most people today often play their smartphones while charging the battery. In fact, these activities are very detrimental to the device, and when it’s bad, there could be an electrical surge that causes an explosion.

Therefore, as a living creature that is no longer able to escape from a smartphone, it is very important to take good care of it. One step in caring for it is to save battery, which can be done in the ways above.

How, have you practiced all of these methods?

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