3 This Hotel Offers Japanese Typical Stay Sensations

In Indonesia there are many unique hotels that you can enjoy. Starting from the nuances of nature, to nuances of the style of the country of Japan.

Who doesn’t want to go to Japan. The Sakura country has become the new belle of travelers from the country. But unfortunately to be able to go there must prepare a lot of capital.

At least for plane tickets, it costs around Rp 3-5 million pp, and lodging can be around Rp 500 thousand per day. Well for those of you who have a lot of money, it doesn’t seem like it’s a problem to spend that much money.

For those who barely have money but want to really feel the atmosphere in Japan, just calm down! There is an alternative choice to choose from, which is to stay in a unique Japanese hotel in the country.

1. Villa Air Natural, Lembang

Villa Air Natural, Lembang
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No need to go far to Kyoto to enjoy the rural atmosphere of Japan, because you can feel it directly in Bandung, at Villa Air Lembang. The hotel has a distinctive design of Japanese houses dominated by wooden materials. Cool air plus the soothing sound of water gurgling you can enjoy here.

There are two types of villa choices here, namely Air Villa and Villa Pinus. Villa Air has three rooms, and two balconies on the ground floor and the upper floor. The price per night for weekdays is Rp 2,359,500 / night while for weekends it costs Rp 2,783,000 / night.

Turning to Villa Pinus, the design may not be much different, but this type has four rooms and balconies with the best sunset views. The price per night is Rp 3,811,500 weekdays and Rp 4,537,500 weekends.

2. The Onsen Resort, Batu

The Onsen Resort, Batu
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From the name of this unique hotel, this is already very well known. Onsen in the land of Sakura means hot spring. This resort, located in Batu, Malang, has an all-Japanese design.

The interior of the building is rich in Kyoto, not to mention the hot spring baths which directly stare at the typical nature of Batu. In the environment around the resort is also decorated with trinkets such as a wooden bridge over a pond and hanging lanterns. Complete with specialties such as ramen and sushi.

The Onsen Resort has 25 villas, each with 2 to 3 rooms. All the mattresses are laid directly under the kayak in Japan.

To stay here you have to spend from Rp 3.4 million to Rp 5.2 million per night. It’s good if it’s busy with the closest relatives, so you can pay for a joint venture.

3. Kuretakeso, Jakarta

Kuretakeso, Jakarta
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For residents of Jakarta, if you want to feel the atmosphere of Japan, just go directly to Kuretakeso, located in Kemang, South Jakarta. The majority of rooms in this unique hotel use wood materials, so you can feel the traditional feel without losing the modern touch.

Japanese-style facilities are also many, ranging from hot springs, manga reading rooms, saunas, to jacuzzis. Do not miss the typical food there is also sushi and ramen.

For those who want a staycation here, you must prepare a Rp 662 thousand to Rp 1.1 million pocket.

Those are three unique Japanese-style hotels that you can enjoy in Indonesia. If you just want to feel the atmosphere of the State of Sakura with a limited budget, just choose these three hotels for tourist purposes. Don’t forget to visit the photos first to be uploaded on Instagram, so that they are like in Japan!

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