3 Respected People Outside North Korea Who Have Good Relationships with Kim Jong Un

We know and understand very well how the condition of the country of North Korea. Compared 360 degrees with his brother, South Korea, North Korea is on the list of countries that are closing off from other worlds. Their existence seems to have a life in its own nature. Not to mention, the President who is considered a god, Kim Jong Un, also limits the activities of his people to introduce their country to other countries.

If we search for traces of the North Korean state on the internet, the results obtained are not far from the dictatorial nature of the leader, missile tests, strong military, and other fears that this country has. However, beyond that does not mean Kim Jong Un does not interact with leaders from other worlds.

In this discussion, I will discuss some figures who have good relations with Kim Jong Un. Want to know who they are? Come on, immediately kepoin in the following review.

Donald Trump, his face is eternal in North Korea stamps

During this time, North Korea and the United States are called often hostile and do not have good relations. This may be because they both have strong military power, so no one feels compelled to apologize or cooperate with one another. However, recently, the president of the United States, Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un last June in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which divides North and South Korea. With Jong Un’s remarks, Trump felt himself very honored, as he told reporters.

3 Respected People Outside North Korea Who Have Good Relationships with Kim Jong Un
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Trump was the first American president to visit and succeeded in meeting the North Korean president. Because of this, North Korea thinks this needs to be enshrined. Therefore, there is a conference between the US and North Korea held in Singapore in June 2018, so Pyongyang released a series of stamps featuring Trump’s face. Launch, there are three forms of stamps released. First: a photo of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump who are shaking hands. Second, the second photo that is signing the agreement, and the last photo is the approval letter itself.

Vladimir Putin, died down after a feud

Like your love relationship, Russia and North Korea are also disconnected, brantem, and better for now. Once close to each other, both of them cooled down in the 1990s, but returned to good condition in the 2000s – at that time Russia was looking for support because of a dispute with the Western world. Since the time of Kim Il Sung, Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) has become a permanent ally and is ready to stand behind North Korea if the country is attacked by enemies.

3 Respected People Outside North Korea Who Have Good Relationships with Kim Jong Un
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Unfortunately, in the year Gorbachex (Russian president at that time) established diplomatic relations with South Korea, so North Korea was sulking. A few years later, when Putin and Kim Jong Il took office, the two made an agreement to make up again, precisely in 2000. Putin also became the first Russian president to come to the closed country. Until now power has been given to Kim Jong Un, relations between the two countries remain cool.

Xi Jinping, President of China

Besides Trump and Putin, another name that also has good relations with Jong Un is Xi Jinping who served as president of China (China). Xi Jinping’s arrival in June 2019 was the first visit by a Chinese leader in 14 years. However, even so, China is the only major ally of North Korea that continues to support the isolated country against pressure from UN sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs.

3 Respected People Outside North Korea Who Have Good Relationships with Kim Jong Un
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Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un even made an agreement to continue to be friendly in any way and the world situation. Xi Jinping did say that he was unable to solve all the problems faced by North Korea, but he could help to make Jong Un’s economy progress.

North Korea, which is famous for being very introverted, apparently also has good relations with heads of other countries. But, again only certain people were invited to be friendly by Kim Jong Un, especially the military and its strong role at the international level.

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