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20 Ways to Gain Weight Naturally Without Medication for Women and Men

Weight Gain
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Apparently not all girls want to look slim thin. There must also be some of you who are reading this article, who just want to know how to fatten the body. Yep! Some women are not comfortable with their thin postures. In fact, some of them want to fatten their bodies because their thin bodies are often bullied.

Well, if you’ve been more familiar with reading about how to lose weight, then what about those who want to know how to quickly fatten? Don’t worry ladies, because in this paper we will explore thoroughly the matter of fattening the body.

Why Want to Know How to Fatten the Body?

Usually, those who want to fatten, can be triggered because of the following:

1. Weight below average
Calculate ideal body weight with the formula: Ideal weight = (Height – 100) – (15% x (Height – 100)), and find results below standard, it turns out also makes some women worry. This body weight is less than ideal which ultimately triggers the desire to know how to quickly fatten the body.

2. People’s Talk
Not infrequently those who want to know how to fatten this body starts from shame because many are mocking him thin. Even though we shouldn’t need to say what people say. As long as it’s healthy, a thin body shouldn’t be a problem, ladies?

3. Difficult to Add Weight

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There are also those who feel they have eaten a lot every day, but their weight does not increase too. The way to fatten the body that is hard to fat is indeed rather heavy, considering that the body is already in such a way-so it continues. But of course there are specific tips and tricks for them.

How to Fatten the Body Naturally Without Medication

Well, of the three things that trigger people to want to know how to fatten the body, there will certainly be a few more things that will become a concern. Not everyone can succeed by fattening the same body, but it would be nice if the method of fattening your chosen body is healthy, without having to consume drugs.

1. Choose High Nutrition Foods

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Want to be fat, but don’t sacrifice your health, ladies. How to fatten the body without medication does not mean you have to eat fatty foods and high calories. Instead you have to increase the consumption of healthy foods high in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Eat more often
Besides nutritious food, you also need to eat more often, ladies. Instead of eating three servings a day with large portions, it’s better to eat five to six times with small portions. Eating more often will be better, because thin people tend to feel full faster.

3. Consumption of juice or smoothies

Smoothies Juice Fruits
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Not only food can affect body weight, drinking juice is also one of the healthy ways to fatten the body. Or if you like milk or yogurt, you can also make smoothies for breakfast every morning. These two drinks are cock to fatten the body because nutrients are more easily absorbed if the food texture is smoother.

4. Don’t Drink Before Eating
To avoid feeling full coming at the beginning, try not to drink water before you eat, ladies. Water tends to make you full, and of course it will reduce your appetite. It’s better to drink water during meals or 30 minutes afterwards. This will help absorb better nutrients.

5. Sports
Who says exercise is only for those who want to lose weight? More precisely, this exercise is carried out for a healthier life. Regular exercise is one way to naturally fatten the body. After getting tired of exercising, your appetite will certainly increase, and your body can get more calorie intake.

6. Limit Cardio Exercise
Even though you have to move, one of them is by exercising, but you can’t come from, Ladies. To make your body fat, you actually have to limit the type of cardio exercise, especially if your metabolic process is relatively fast.

If you are used to doing cardio exercise, you can give 30 minutes 5 times a week. You also need to avoid aerobic movements, such as cycling or running. This kind of exercise will actually reduce body fat which is actually needed if you want to fatten your body.

7. Additional Calorie Consumption
Each person’s body is different in digesting food or expending energy. Well, these calories are the best source of energy for the body, which of course needs are different for each person. Where can you get calorie intake?

You can add grated cheese to the bread, or juxtapose omelet with chicken soup you eat. However, you also need to be vigilant for the measure, because excessive calories can cause diabetes, ladies.

8. Consumption of Healthy Snacks
Eating more often does not mean we have to eat rice and side dishes five times a day. You can also add snacks between your activities. In the office, for example, you can provide fruit at the table, so that it is easily accessible, even when you are busy making reports on a computer.

If you are bored and want to be more varied, not only fruit, you can also choose other foods that are high in nutrients, such as soybeans. But it would be nice if you avoid foods that are fried or soaked in oil, to reduce cholesterol levels.

9. Drink plenty of water

Drink water
Drink water before eating, make it full faster (Photo by pxhere)

White water has many health benefits. Did you know, almost 70% of thin people turned out to lack body fluids? Though water is very necessary for the operation of various functions of body organs, including the stomach and intestines in absorbing nutrients.

Most people are lazy to drink water because it often makes nausea and satiety. However, from the amount of white aort consumption that should be 2 liters per day, you can share it in several sessions. You can start waking up in the morning, afternoon, evening, until night.

10. Increase Carbohydrate Consumption
How to fatten the body with natural and healthy without drugs, one of which is to increase the consumption of carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrate consumption will trigger more calorie intake that the body needs to gain weight.

You certainly already know that there are many sources of carbohydrates, ranging from rice, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, wheat, to flour. However, like other foods, avoid excessive consumption, to maintain health in other parts of our body.

11. Sufficient Fat Needs
Don’t overdo it, but you also have to meet the needs of the body for trapping if you want to fatten the body. By meeting the needs of fat and other nutrients as mentioned above, your weight will increase faster.

The source of fat already exists in many foods that you consume daily, such as vegetable oil, coconut, fish, corn, and much more. But don’t forget, keep in mind this portion of fat consumption, because if it’s too much it won’t be good for your health.

12. Consumption of milk
The most effective way to fatten the body without drugs, can by consuming milk. If you usually never drink milk, try to provide milk at tomorrow’s desk so you can drink it while busy at the computer.

It doesn’t have to be pure milk, you can also eat processed foods, like yogurt, pudding, and even ice cream. If you don’t want to eat it as a snack, you can drink it as a closing drink after lunch.

13. Consumption of Quality Protein
To fatten the body and make muscles stronger, the choice of protein source must be considered. You can consume high-quality proteins such as eggs, meat, fish, milk or seeds.

You need to know, your body needs protein as much as 0.8 grams / body weight (kg) / day to form new muscles.

Therefore, if you consume more quality protein, the muscle building process will work well.

14. Consumption of Honey
Ladies must have known, there are so many benefits and benefits of honey. Consuming honey is one of the things you need to do too if you are in a fattening program. There is honey specifically for those of you who want to gain weight!

Honey Fattening Body is processed from herbal ingredients aka natural. The content in this body fat is very reliable for fattening the body naturally without affecting health problems.

15. Chew Food until Smooth

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Eating more often is also one of the quick ways to fatten the body. / Copyright Shutterstock
As discussed in the consumption points of the juice and smoothies above, delicate foods will be more easily absorbed by the body’s nutrients. Well, if it’s not made as smooth as juice, then you must chew the food until smooth.

16. Must have breakfast
For women, this one includes ways to naturally fatten the body which may be difficult to do. Most of you must avoid breakfast in the morning right? But as much as possible, you shouldn’t miss breakfast every morning.

You can consume an additional 1 egg and a glass of fruit juice every time you eat in the morning. Not only affects the growth of body weight, breakfast is also very beneficial for endurance throughout the day.

17. Avoid staying up late
This one thing might be the most difficult to do, especially if you really like to play handphone before going to bed. In fact, staying up late is a big enemy if you want to fatten your body.

There is no good effect from staying up late, it will actually make your health condition worse. Worse, not only make skinny, people who stay up more often also have a higher risk of malignant disease.

18. Stop Smoking
It’s no secret that smoking is indeed not good for health. Not only for those who consume it, but also for those around, who are affected by smoke from the cigarette. Then what is the connection with weight?

Unconsciously, cigarettes are a trigger for lowering appetite. Because lazy to eat, of course your body does not get nutrition and all nutritional needs properly. Well, you can imagine what the end will be right?

19. Check Health

This should be the first thing you do if you want to fatten yourself. You must know the cause of your weight that is difficult to rise. Well, before starting the series of ways to fatten the body, you should first consult a doctor, or nutritionist.

There are several conditions that make your weight really won’t be able to rise, or it will still be below normal. Hyperthyroidism, celiac disease, and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa include. It will be difficult to fatten naturally for people who are in such a condition.

20. Make a Journal
Not including physical methods to fatten the body, but you also need to make a journal to know how much you gain weight each week.

To support weight gain, you can try milk formulated for it. You can read in this article more clearly Does Milk for Gaining Weight Work?

You also need to include what types of food you consume, and what sports you have done. that way, you can monitor the progress of the body fattening process that you are doing. which things are successful, and which are not.

Well, that was the steps to fattening the body with natural and healthy without drugs for men and women. you can do. Quite easy actually, only depends on how you intend to execute it. Good luck.

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