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12 Ways to Repair Printer Error Easily and Quickly

Printer is one of the supporting components of a computer that is widely used, especially in offices.

Printers are needed to print reports, documents, photos and more.

Just like other electronic components, the printer also does not escape the name of the error.

Whether it’s from the device itself or from an external party.

Well, in this article I will discuss about the kinds of errors that often occur in Canon printers.

Not only discussing the error, I will also give tips on how to overcome it.

For those of you whose printer is having an error, please look for the error code below then read how to fix it.

How to Overcome Printer Error

If You user of the Canon MP285 & MP287 Printer, then the following tips can be tried to resolve the error:

Canon MP 287
Canon MP 287 (

1. E02 Error (Printer is Out of Paper)

This one is actually not a serious problem, but only a mild error.

The above error usually occurs because the paper has run out before all print orders have been completed.

The fix is   of course by refilling paper to the printer machine. Easy as that.

Or when the paper is choked up and can’t get into the printer machine correctly, you can pull out the paper and put it back in.

2. Error E03 (Paper Jam)

E03 error is almost the same as the first, which is still related to paper.

Just like the name, Paper Jam means that there is paper stuck (jammed) in the printer machine.

Here are some things you can do:

Remove all paper from the printer. Including paper stuck. Be careful in the process, not too rough when removing paper that is stuck because it can damage printer components. After that, re-enter the paper and restart your printer.

If an error message still appears, try checking again for any foreign objects stuck in the print machine.
Check the paper roller or paper sensor, there may be damage if there is an error too.

3. E04 or E05 error (Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized)

Just as the name suggests, ordering printer errors is related to Cartidge.

The possibility is that your cartridge identification board is damaged, dirty, or wet.

The fix can be by removing the Cartridge.

Then clean the copper using a dry cloth or tissue.

After cleaning, put the Cartridge back into place.

4. Error E07 (Ink Cartridge is not installed in the correct position)

Still the same as the previous error, E7 error is also still related to the cartridge.

This error will occur if the cartridge position is not right, whether it’s tilted, deviated, or something like that.

The fix is   fairly easy, you just pull out the cartridge and then put it back in the correct position.

If you feel you have installed the cartridge in the right position but there is still an error, try using a software called Canon MP285 MP287 Reseter.

You can search on Google, the software is useful for resolving errors in the printer from the software side.

5. Error E08 (Ink absorber is almost full)

For this one error, the ink absorbent foam is almost full.

For those of you who don’t know, printers that use liquid ink are equipped with absorbent foam ink that drips from the cartridge.

Be it ink that spills over, or drips accidentally.

If this foam is full of ink, then you have to remove and clean it.

Then install it again so that the printer can function normally again.

6. Error E13 or Error E16 (Ink has run out)

Actually it doesn’t need to be explained anymore, this is a warning that the ink on the printer is up.

So that the print process cannot be carried out or continued.

But if you feel this is an error because there is still a lot of ink and ink refilling still a lot, try pressing the STOP / RESUME button for a while until the display shows number 1.

7. P02 Error (Cartridge Error)

Inside the printer there is a component called an encoder, which is a kind of mica plastic that runs along the printer.

If a P02 Error appears, there may be a foreign object entering and touching the encoder.

It could also be because the encoder is dirty with dust and other small objects.

This error can be overcome by removing the encoder, then cleaning it and installing it again.

How to Overcome the Canon MG2500 Printer

Canon MG2500
 (image by

For you who use Canon with the MG2500 series and happen to be experiencing an error, can follow the methods below.

1. Error 1000

Error 1000 will appear if the paper on the Canon MG2500 printer has run out.

I think you already know how to deal with it.

Yes, right. By refilling the paper in the tray.

Don’t forget to press the reset button.

After that your printer will return to work as usual.

2. Error 1203

Some types of printers made by Canon cannot be used when the printer cover is open.

If you print when the printer cover is open, an error 1203 will appear.

If you experience this error, immediately close the printer cover again.

Then the printer will resume normal operation.

3. Error 1300

For this one error is actually a paper clock (paper stuck in the printer), it’s just using Error 1300 code.

In addition to paper that is stuck, it could also be because there is a small object that enters the printer.

To resolve Error 1300, open the printer and then remove paper or small objects that are involved.

Close the printer again, then the printing process will continue automatically.

4. Error 1687, Error 1401, Error 1403, or Error 1485

All of the above errors indicate the same problem, which is related to the cartridge.

Whether it’s a cartridge that is not properly installed, tilted or something like that.

You can handle this by reinstalling the cartidge and placing it in the right position.

After that your Canon printer will return to normal.

5. Error 1684

This error can be handled by resetting the printer.

The trick, press the reset button for approximately 5 seconds.

The printer will process the order and return to life as usual.

If you can’t, you can replace the cartridge with a new one.

The old one might be damaged and not worth using anymore.


Well, that’s the number of ways you can do if you experience an error with a Canon printer.

Actually, the outline of the tips above can also be practiced on other printers besides Canon.

It’s just that maybe the error code is different, so more handling is needed specifically for certain brands.

I hope this helps.

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