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10 Tips If You Want To Successfully Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (UBL)

Successfully Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader (UBL)

Although fairly short, even no more than 1 minute to be able to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone bootloader, but in practice alone sometimes Xiaomi users are required to wait at least 36 hours, 72 hours or even hundreds of hours. In fact there are up to 720 hours in the future that can unlock the bootloader. If it is made into a day, it must wait 30 days.

Just getting annoyed? Unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader which should only take less than 1 minute can delay up to 1 month. This is nothing but because of the new policy from Xiaomi which has increasingly tightened the demand for unlock. This is also possible because of the many unlock requests that come from Xiaomi users around the world so that “maybe” they make a sort of sequential schedule.

Like the case where I have to wait about 3 more days to be able to unlock Xiaomi Redmi 3s which I once posted the article and video here and after passing 36 hours, I did not immediately unlock it. There is an error that must be encountered such as not detected, device info that cannot be read and many more. Even though in the end I managed to unlock the bootloader also on this Redmi 3s.

Though some of my Xiaomi Smartphone like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MTK, Redmi Note 3 PRO, Redmi Note 4 PRO, and Mi5 PRO Black Ceramic can easily unlock the bootloader without having to wait several days. As long as the Mi account used for unlock has received an SMS approval from Xiaomi, then it can immediately unlock.

For you Xiaomi Smartphone users whether it’s the Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 6, Redmi Note 7, Redmi 4, Redmi 5, Redmi 6, Redmi 7, Mi MAX, Mi MIX, Mi6, Mi8, Mi PAD who want to unlock the Bootloader and so 100% success without encountering significant obstacles. Here I have prepared some useful tips:

1. Mi Accounts are Verified
For this one you must do so that the unlock process can run smoothly. Licensing for unlock is also important and becomes the main requirement. Usually later after successfully received, later you will get notification SMS from them if your Mi account is already Verified.

2. Use the Latest Miui Official Rom
Then make sure if the Miui ROM that is currently installed on your Xiaomi Smartphone is the rom official alias not the distributor rom. Because there are several types of Xiaomi Smartphones which initially did not officially enter Indonesia, so even the paired Miui rom is a non official rom. As a result if it’s like this it will be very difficult to be able to unlock the bootloader. For those of you who don’t know how to differentiate between official Miui ROM and Miui distributor’s ROM by checking the serial number on the ROM you are using.

3. Use the Latest Unlock Tool Mi
Mi Unlock tool itself is an official tool released by Xiaomi so that Xiaomi Smartphone users around the world can easily unlock. In order to get this Mi unlock tool, it’s very easy to download it via the link here, then sign this using a Mi account that was previously approved. Therefore also make sure your computer or laptop is connected to the internet while unlocking the bootloader.

4. Log In Google Account Before Unlock
Although trivial, but this is very effective in making the bootloader unlock process. It was proven when I tried unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 3s yesterday. Never managed to unlock even though it has exceeded the 32 hour limit because it hasn’t signed in to a Google account. But after signing in, you can easily unlock 100% without any obstacles. Well for those of you who want to unlock, try to sign in to your Mi account and Google account too. You just need to add a Google account through settings.

5. Bin Mi Account
You can find this Bin option when you have activated developer mode. This Bin option is in settings> additional settings> developer mode> Mi Unlock Status. All you have to do is just add the Mi account option and automatically add it if you previously logged in your Mi account on the Xiaomi Smartphone.

In order to be able to bin this Mi account, make sure your Xiaomi Smartphone is connected to the internet network through cellular data, not Wifi because it’s from there itself like that. I tried it on a Wifi network, but the results failed.

6. Make sure to unlock OEM and USB Debugging on
You can find both of these options after activating the developer mode by taping 7 times on the Miui version on cellphones. Make sure the two options have been checked.

7. Activate Device Search
This device’s search mode is actually effective to use if the Xiaomi Smartphone that is owned is lost or stolen, dropped and so on. But it is also effective in making it easier for you to unlock the bootloader later. How to activate the device search mode you also have to access the Mi account in the settings> Mi Account> Mi Cloud> make sure the search option is active.

8. Installed SIM Card
The SIM card that I mean here is a SIM card aka the cellphone number that was registered when filling out the form for unlocking bootloader permissions. So make sure if the SIM card is also installed later when the unlock process occurs. Because when unlock later, Mi Unlock Tool will check and match information between what is on the device and those on their server.

9. Use Rom Developer
Even though my experience on the Redmi Note 3 PRO, the Redmi Note 4 PRO and Mi PRO yesterday still can bootloader unlock on the global ROM stable, but there is no harm if you unlock the BETA developer rom. Because the true unlock process was originally there for rom developers. Who knows, after moving to the BETA ROM, you can easily unlock it.

10. Pray
From all the points above, don’t forget to pray that the bootloader unlock process runs smoothly. There is always an all-powerful force that always escapes us.

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